IMG_0232-001My decision to retire was a difficult one.  I started my working career at my family’s restaurant at 13 years old and continued working in the Restaurant business until I was 32 years old and married with four children.  

The last 26 years of my career, I worked at the Orange County Register. Most recently as Senior Data Security Analyst in the IT department. Everyday going to work was fun for me and I enjoyed working with some great people. 

My original plan was to retire early, but I had several “false” starts.  One was just before the market went to pot in 2007-08.  Since it was a major hit to my nest egg, I postponed a few more years. I was pretty determined to retire in March of 2013, but yet again postponed until October 1, 2013.  This time I finally made the plunge.

During the last year or more before retiring I spent many hours wondering what I would do during my retirement. Work?

At first I considered buying a new home in Arizona, near family and moving from Orange County, California.  I was born in California and lived here my entire life, but I was ready for a fresh start, a life “re-start”.

After much consideration, knowing my nest egg wouldn’t allow me to travel as much as I wanted to, a friend mentioned traveling full time in an RV. What a great idea, I love the outdoors, camping, photography and there are so many things I want to see all over our county.  It also allowed me to visit with long stays in areas that my family live; Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana and Oregon. With this in mind, my dream changed radically.  I started following a few Full Time RVing blogs, then more.  I became addicted to the idea.

As a result of my research and decision, I setup Montana as my “domicile” of record in December of 2013 and it became my homebase. 

I then purchased a new Ram 2500 4×4 with a Cummings Diesel engine, which I took delivery of in Oregon on January 31, 2014.  I also purchased a 2014 Reflection 32′ by Grand Design.  I took delivery of the it on February 1o, 2014 in Arizona. That same day after spending months downsizing all of my belongings, I moved from my home of ten years into the Reflection. 

Please accompany me by way of my blog as a travel.  Comment freely on my posts, I will enjoy your company.

Thanks for stopping by, Gary

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