Back In The Third Grade

Travel Journal – November 5, 2013

I pictured retirement as kicking back a little, but it’s been a busy week going through items I want to save and others to give away or sell.  I have weeks ahead of me doing the same thing as part of getting ready for the adventure.

I find it hard parting with some things just for sentimental reasons, but the reality is I won’t have the room to store much in my home on the road, so I have started to segregate items in different rooms:

  • Items I will use in my new home on wheels (Boxed and Weighed).
  • Items I want my family to have.
  • Items I will sell.
  • Items for storage in a small storeroom.
  • Items I will donate to others.
  • Items to securely destroy, like an old hard drive with sensitive information.
  • Finally items for the trash.
Book Worm
Book Worm
Helping In The Classroom

Last Thursday I went back to the third grade! Kind of anyway, I visited one of my grandson’s classes for the morning and helped the teacher grade papers.  I will definitely miss some family times as I travel, but I plan on being here in Southern California for important events.

Visiting Friends

Also, I had lunch with a couple of my long-time coworkers and got caught up on the latest at the office. It was nice seeing them as it’s been a month since my last official work day.

The weekend consisted of a lot of family time and moving a pickup truckload of items to my daughter’s house.

Until next time…Gary

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