Packing – The seemingly endless job

Travel Journal – November 13, 2013

Packing up a lifetime worth of memories and personal stuff is hard.  I knew it would be, that’s why I started several months before I needed to move out of my home.  This would give me plenty of time to go through everything several times if needed.

Before I started my office, my goal was to purchase a computer I could recharge easily if I was boondocking and also not take up much room in my fifth wheel trailer.  So I decided to purchase a laptop and after a lot of shopping, I bought one with 12 volt chargers and a USB solid state terabyte drive for backups.  After receiving my package I got to work.  I had a lot of data and pictures to secure before starting to disassemble everything in my office.  That was accomplished in a couple of days.  Next I started removing all of my computers and peripheral equipment.  Wow what a job!  It was very slow and emotional for me, as computers are an important part of my life.  Anyway by the end of the week many of my family members will have some nice upgrades to their home offices and early Christmas presents!

Along with family events, packing (disposing) and regular daily activities, I started working out again at the gym.  I want to be in as good of shape as I can be before I take off on my new adventure in February 2014.  I haven’t had many workouts in almost three years so getting back at it is hard.  Not so physical, but mental.  I am starting out by making it a daily routine – Monday through Friday mornings.  My goal is to strengthen my core muscles and back along with dropping 15 pounds!  I will keep you posted as the days roll by.

Well enough procrastination, I need to sign off and get back at it.  Safe travels…Gary

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  1. Glad you found me Tina. I was sorry to see Wandrin Lloyd was settling down as he was really the first blogger I started following consistantly when I became interested in full time rving. I do understand and I will be making the same decisions someday. I wish him all the best. But for now I am committed and excited to make this adventure. I look forward to blogging and posting my photos soon. Hope to see your comments along the way.


  2. Hi,

    Just found your blog from over at Wondrin Lloyd’s site. Looking forward to following your travels once you hit the road.