Decisions To Be Made

Well my packing continues. Just going through all the things I have collected over the years continues to overwhelm me. I knew it would be difficult, but I never thought it would be like this.  I have spent days giving away clothing and items to others it can help, along with a few items to my children and grandchildren.  I now have all my plants divided up including rather large trees from my patio.  I am not only going through my things, but also my Mom and Dads’ remaining items that have memories attached. They both passed on in the last few years to a better place.

I just got off the phone, visiting with a good friend of many years, explaining my predicament. She suggested I just sell everything.  At least the furniture and larger items.  If I decide to settle down in sticks and bricks again I can just start over. Besides moving the things I put in storage will be costly to move as I don’t plan on settling down in California again due to the cost of living here.  She convinced me, so my focus changes somewhat.  The items that hold some sentimental value I will still store, but they will be few.  The items I need everyday will be packed for the fifth wheel.  Everything else is going! Well back to work.

This will REALLY be a Life Re-Start! Safe travels…


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