Thanksgiving Week

Constant Preparation

It’s only been a short month since making my commitment to travel full-time. While it seems like it should just be another decision, it totally changed my perspective on life. I mean not one thing is left undisturbed! I feel excited, scared, and in turmoil as I organize my coming deadline – February 10th, 2014. I will close the door of my home of ten years a take the first step of who knows what my life will look like going forward.


I continue to eliminate, pack for storage and put items aside for moving into my fifth wheel.  It’s a long and mostly slow process seeming easy, but in reality, when deciding whether to give away or throw away cherished items that have memories, remains very difficult. I still can’t believe I am moving into my fifth wheel in just a few months.  Time is going by so fast and I have earned the title of the busiest retired person some have ever seen.  I often wonder how I had time to go to work every day.

Family Life Continues

I hope you each enjoyed time with your family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. The celebration with my family was nice.  This year we planned our holiday celebration on the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving Day due to everyone’s commitments. As my family has aged and spread out, it has become more difficult to “get together” for special occasions.

This year we had a second dinner on Thanksgiving Day when my Son and family arrived from Arizona due to the passing of his wife’s grandpa.  He was called home after living a very full 94 years here on earth.  Of course, it’s never a good time, but I especially felt sorry for the family that it was around the holidays. He was married for 74 years!  He was a wonderful person who I had the pleasure of knowing, but for a very short time. We had several nice conversions at family events which we had both attended.  He was mentally sharp and still on the go.

Planning The Home Base

One of the major decisions when choosing a full-time lifestyle is where you will call home for legal purposes. This is known as your domicile. I have chosen to call Montana my home, as my sister lives there and has agreed to manage my mail. There I will be staying for longer periods of time as I travel to other destinations all over the United States. Early next year I need to decide on my Health Insurance changes. Traveling full-time will affect that too!

I will leave for my new home base in Montana next Saturday, November 30th.  There I will be acquiring my new Montana Drivers License. More on that next time.

Until then safe travels…Gary

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