Montana Road Trip – Completion

20131130 Las Vegas

After getting very little sleep last night I awoke early and we were out the door on our trip to Montana.  Even though I was was sleepy, I still was unable to rest during the morning drive while riding in the back seat, but as the sun started to come up about ninety miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada sleep started to catch up with me.

We filled up at the speedway north of Vegas and continue to press on to our first rest stop while listening to soft rock from the 70’s and 80’s.  Around 9:00 AM we stopped at “Peggy Sue’s Restaurant” in Mesquite, Nevada for breakfast.  It was a nice break and the meal was good, as was the break in our travels.

We then continued  our long trek, passing the muddy Virgin river and driving until we were all exhausted, making it safely to our destination for the night; Ogden, Utah.  There we checked in at the Comfort Suites hotel for the night.  After a short rest, I met my travel companions, Janet and Bob at “Cactus Reds Restaurant” for dinner.   We had a nice meal and then each of us retired to our rooms for the evening so we could get an early start in the morning.

Wait, what is that noise?  That can’t be, but it was, someone was playing hockey in the hall (literally).  They had goals set up and they were using a plastic ball for the puck.  Yep there was a youth hockey championship happening this weekend  locally and about a dozen kids were playing in the hall.  This went on for about an hour and ended moments before I was ready to call the front desk.  Kids will be kids but it was close to 8:00 pm and I was tired.  I know my traveling companions were too and they had checked into a room directly downstairs from all of the action.

Another Early Morning

Up early and on the road by 6:00 AM.  It was freezing outside and threatening to rain or worse. By 7:00 am, as the sun was coming up, we were encountering light snow and the mountains around us were snow covered.
We made it to Idaho Falls, Idaho for breakfast by 9:00 AM then continued on Lima, Montana before refueling.

Big Hole, Montana on the way to Hamilton

Shortly after noon we arrived in a snow covered “Big Hole National Monument” and got out for a stretch. We were the only visitors there, wonder why?
After a short break we continued our drive home on highway 43 over the pass down to US Highway 93. The drive was becoming increasingly more dangerous to drive as temperatures dropped the snow continued to fall.

Montana – Hamilton

After a little stress and some good driving by Bob, we finally arrived at our destination safely before 2:30 PM. Our reward a great view, warm fire and early dinner of homemade chicken soup.
Tomorrow we go to the Ranger station in Darby and Christmas tree shopping in the forest.
Early night, safe travels…Gary

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