Montana Drivers License

January 15th, 2014

Happy New Year.  Well I seem to be behind posting.  I started this post right before Christmas.  My goal once I get on the road is to definitely post more frequently and consistently.  I could say not much is happening while I am waiting to hit the road, but the truth is quite the opposite.  I actually am busier now than when I was working full time, no kidding.  I have been informed that my fifth wheel was completed a few weeks ago and I still haven’t finalized my truck purchase.  Next Saturday I will be flying to Oregon to finalize my choice and pick up my ride.  I will be posting from the road on my progress and the trip back to finish the remaining details for my adventure.

Now for a little catch up on a few things that have happened the past few weeks…

Bob and Janet's new home.

Bob and Janet’s new home.

If you recall when I left off, I was in Montana establishing my new home and had just went out in search of a Christmas Tree in the National Forest not far from home.  Our weather continued to be sub-zero every night, but getting into the teens during the day.  Since my trip was planned to get things done, I didn’t pack as warmly I should have and found myself doing a lot of layering with what I had in Montana and the items I had brought with me.

The following day I went to the Montana DMV to acquire my Drivers License.  Of course I was expecting an office much smaller than Southern California, but what I found in Stevensville was a pleasant older lady sitting behind her desk waiting for me.  Not a sole in the office besides her, at least in the front.  Wow, I thought I had gone to heaven.  Twenty minutes (or less) and I was out the door – wahoo.

The next day we went to the Darby City Christmas fair at the community center of the same name.  Now mind you this town only boasts a population of eight hundred, however at least a quarter of them were in attendance at the same time I attended.  Of course everyone knew each other and it was a hoot.  Also it was like the freeway in Orange County going South at the end of a work day, packed.  Surprisingly enough I even knew a dozen or so myself and up until now I only visited this community a few times over the past ten years.  I found a few handmade Christmas gifts to bring home and most of all I enjoyed the wonderful camaraderie of long lost friends.

Over the next few days we continued to experience very cold weather staying inside most of the time and venturing out on a rare occasion to run an errand, shop or dine out.

Driving to Missoula airport on the icy roads.

Driving to Missoula airport on the icy roads.

Eventually the day I dreaded, travel day, and back to Southern California to finish sorting, selling, giving away, donating and packing what remains at my home for my fifth wheel. Oh and buying,  I still didn’t have a truck big enough to haul that fifth wheel up and over all the mountains I will be venturing.  All for the trip of a lifetime.

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    • Well yah after your motivating conversation at lunch yesterday and the nice walk on the pier in Huntington Beach. As I told you then I will miss the beach. A lot of memories there growing up, especially during my High School and College days. I am looking forward to the adventure on the road, but will miss the familiar and my family and friends here in Southern California.


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