What Is On The Other Side

I left off in Los Banos

… on the last night I was on the road bringing my new “Workhorse” back to OC for the moving finale.  I didn’t sleep well, whether the noise in the hotel or just a lot on my mind, so when I arose I discovered that I am not as rested as I would like.  I decide to take advantage of the hotel breakfast to grab a bite, then pack up and check out.  I could get used to this real easily.

The Workhorse starts up

… and purrs like a kitten (oh Ram).  After a quick stop at a local Starbucks, I am back driving down the road.  The truck’s engine seems to be running a lot smoother than the first few days, especially that first morning when it was below freezing.  I am also approaching five hundred miles so I guess it’s breaking in.  That pattern continues through today.  It’s quite a machine cranking out close to 23 MPG on the highway, better than I had expected for this four wheel drive beast. Rest Stop Coalinga, Ca My first rest stop in the morning was near Coalinga, California.  I stretched my legs going for a short walk and  then hopped back in the truck.  Continuing down the road on this hazy day through the agriculture area of Central California to my destination. I only stopped a couple of times, one of those was for lunch.  After lunch I drove uneventfully through Los Angeles on Interstate 5 and continued to my old house in OC to finish my packing job.  I arrived there about 2:30 PM., making decent time, but after all it didn’t really matter as I wasn’t on a schedule.

My family here in Southern California

… was happy to see me and my new ride, that of course was my feeling  too.  It had only been three days but the catch here is when I leave next time it will be for much longer times before I see them again.  I will miss them and that is probably the only negative of living the vagabond lifestyle for me.  The good part is I will be able to see other family members living in different states more than I do now.

I am at a point where my old home

… doesn’t feel like home anymore.  Most of my house of ten years is empty and boxes are everywhere.  I am looking forward to February 10th so I can finalize my “Life Re-Start decision” by taking possession of my fifth wheel and moving the packed items I have collected into it.  The items remaining to be packed seem to be the hardest, as I go through them deciding if I must take them, or discard them.   Each of the boxes I have been packing I have weighed to get an idea of the gross weight.  It looks like I will be well under the weight limit.  It’s interesting that most of the items remaining don’t fit nicely into a category.  They are odds and ends.  I have found the few times I have moved there is always this clutter of items left to deal with that seem to take the longest when you are at your weakest.  Within the next seven days I will call for a pick up of the items that someone else may now find of use.  Also my youngest Son is selling my Silverado for me.  My Silverado was transportation and an old friend of the last 14 years and 199,000 miles.  The sale may not be completed in the next 18 days, so my Son will continue working on it until it’s sold after I leave.

The excitement is reaching a crescendo, what is on the other side I know not.  I do know that I can hardly wait to experience the Vagabond lifestyle and see so many new sights and wonders.

Safe travels until my next post…Gary

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6 replies

  1. I just saw your blog today and have read from the beginning. You didn’t take as much time as I have to decide what to do and that’s a good thing. I have added you to my blog roll and look forward to your travels. I know how hard it is to leave Southern California as I did many years ago. Thats a great truck with 23mpg and the 5th wheel looks fantastic. Happy adventures.


    • Thanks for stopping by Steve, I will check out your blog too. I am always looking for places to go and new ideas of how fulltimer’s are traveling.


    • Love you too, you do a great job and we have a nice group of tenants. I will be back in this area in about nine months.


  2. How exciting! We will be anxious to hear all about every point and turn of your journey. Glad to let you get the “bugs out” before we follow suite! You could write a blog! Oh snap, you are!!!


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