New Hitch (Saddle) for the Workhorse

Waiting for the Hitch installation at Colton, California.

Waiting for the Hitch installation at Colton, California.

Arrived early for my fifth wheel hitch installation in Colton,  California.  Traffic wasn’t to bad, but there was a lot of construction along the 91/215 freeway.  I wasn’t here more than 15 minutes and I had spent another $200 on a 7 way trailer electrical plug for the bed of the truck. This was decided on because allowing the fifth wheel electrical cables to dangle over the bed of the workhorse (truck) to be plugged in on the bumper may cause some problems down the road.  Who knew that was a good option? I am learning all the time… and again forgot to take pictures of the process.  Well they tell me I will be here about five hours for the installation.  I will try to snap at least one photo.  This is a huge facility, it’s my first time here.  I spoke to Mike, the service technician who checked my truck in for the process about adding a solar package to my fifth wheel before I take delivery in two weeks.  For a 165 watt panel and all the “stuff” that goes with it (including inverter), it’s around $3500.  Does anyone know if that’s a good deal?

Update: I found my Workhorse getting it’s saddle installed on one of my walks around the RV Dealers lot.   I also thought I found the Coach hiding on the back lot, but it was a copy.  It was still nice to take a look, I haven’t seen one up close since late October.  At the end of the day the saddle (fifth wheel hitch) was installed and we were on our way to being happy campers soon.  Only two more weeks before I accept delivery of my Coach in Arizona 🙂


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  1. Gary, yes I am familiar with an installer there in Quartzsite—Solar Mikes–and he will treat you right. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings earlier, but $3500. IS RIDICULOUS!! Please, don’t let them do it!! Here is a GREAT solar supplier that I know——check out their site… them and talk with Greg, the owner. Solar is ALL they do. I wonder though, 165 watts is not much….for a 31′ 5er, I would get at least 250 to 300 watts…if you are going to be boondocking a lot, you will WANT that power!! By the way—sweet truck!!


    • Not at all John, I was looking for some feedback. Being a newbie I need all the info I can get. I wanted to get a feel for boondocking before I made the purchase and with your validation of Mike’s Solar, I think that’s i who I will use assuming I go down that road. Thanks again for the info and the kudos on the truck. Maybe our paths will cross someday down the road. I will be following your blog.


  2. $3500. for just ONE 165 watt install with the extras that go with it??? That’s a weeeeeee much!!!!! Sounds to me like they are ripping you off big time!! You’ll need a battery, maybe 2…a charge controller…MAYBE a battery monitor…an inverter–1000 watt?—and the wiring to hook it all together…maybe, MAYBE $1500……


    • Thanks John, that is quite a difference, I appreciate the information. I had read some about solar, but I am still a novice. I am going to be staying around Quartzsite for the first few days of my adventure and I have read several blogs that said it was a good place to make the purchase. Are you familiar with any shops there?


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