The Adventure Begins – The Final Day

February 9, 2014

I’m On Schedule

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 am I leave my “sticks and bricks” home for the last time. I am scheduled for my PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) at 11:00am at Mike Thompson RV in Colton, California. Since that is about 45 miles from my home and I may hit the morning commuter traffic so I am leaving plenty early. Not that I’m excited or anything 😉

Wild Ride

The last couple of days continued to be a wild ride for me. Nothing new though, it’s been that way for the last three or four months. I have taken on a pretty big project, packing or giving away most of the “things” it took me years to accumulate. The question is, did I try to do too much in a short period of time? Moving out of my “sticks and bricks” home into a fifth wheel and going on the road full time with no plans to return to California for over a year. We’ll see shortly.

Since I chose Montana as my homebase or domicile, but still purchased my fifth wheel here in California, my understanding of California sales tax laws is I must not use my fifth wheel in the state for over a year or pay a hefty sales tax of thousands of dollars.

Finalizing The Day Before Moving

Staging for the Adventure

I started at 6:00 am this morning, finalizing my packing, weighing each box that will be loaded into my new home. Several boxes I re-evaluate and move to my small storeroom. I decide at the last minute to lighten the load, even though I am underweight. My question to myself is, “will I really need that?”

The Final Adjustment

It’s now 10:00 pm, I just finished loading the last box of items that I intend to or have the energy for tonight. My new Ram truck is completely full inside the cab and also packed around the hitch in the bed of the truck up to the top of the bed.

Finally, I back the truck into my now empty garage as far as it will fit (it’s too long). I turn out the light and go back into my home. I will be up early to finish packing a few items in the storeroom tomorrow morning. Then I will lock my door for the last time. Finally, I will be off to Mike Thompson in Colton for my orientation and PDI. I won’t sleep much tonight. I’m way too excited.

Staging for the Adventure

There are many more details I want to share with you, however I’m now completely exhausted and need to go to sleep (that is if I can sleep). I will post another article tomorrow night to let you know how everything went and fill you in on some of the details I haven’t shared yet.

Until next time,  safe travels…Gary

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