The Delivery

February 10th, 2014

I woke abruptly at 4:00 am. Today’s the day! At least I was able to sleep about six hours, as my anticipation is way too high to go back to sleep. I excitedly jump out of my bed.

That’s the last night I will be sleeping in this bed. All my furnishings have been moved out long ago, along with the remaining boxes last night. The rooms of my home are now empty.

At the last minute, I decided to leave some of the items I wouldn’t need right away in storage since now know I am going to return to OC to get an unexpected dental procedure done in about a month.  

This is a good thing as it will make my transition today easier, postponing about 10 boxes (200 lbs) of my toys for later.  My only pause in the final packing of my Workhorse was to go to The Coffee Bean for “breakfast”.

Leaving My Home for the Last Time

At 8:15 am I left my home for the last time and headed for Mike Thompson RV Center in Colton, California. I arrived about 30 minutes early and my friend, Beth arrived shortly after that.

She was going to “hold my hand” during the process. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes and ears, with all the instructions being passed. Also, she will be looking closely for any flaws in the workmanship.

Zero Anniversary - Day One

The technician was already there, so my orientation (PDI-Pre Delivery Inspection) started a little early.  Good news because in my mind I was already thinking about the time and “sundown” in Arizona.  I wanted to avoid an after-dark set up as much as possible, especially my first one!

Since this was my first RV I knew nothing, or very little anyway. Most of my current knowledge was from articles I had been gleaning from the internet for months. He started from the front of the fifth wheel and went all the way around the outside pointing out each device and demonstrating how it worked. When we arrived at the front again the last thing we discussed was the hitch and briefly how to hook up, without actually doing it.

Time for the interior. Again going through the function of each item one area at a time. If I had it to do over again I would be more detailed. For instance, when I got to my first camp I had to call the salesman. Since my water heater had an electric switch and a propane one, I wasn’t sure which were on and off positions. He walked me through the issue easily. Later I learned if you’re plugged in you can use both for more efficiency in heating the water.

Model at Show - Signing the Order

My coach appeared to be clean and in good shape.  All ready to start the adventure. By noon my head was about as full as it was going to get without leaking information. Beth was combing all the ornamental details of the coach and it’s appointments looking for defects. She found a few that will need to be addressed and they were documented. Also a few of the items were fixed as we finalized the paperwork and I took ownership.

The Tow to Ehrenberg, Arizona

Apparently, the transporter company is going to be late 😦 We are pushing the clock I don’t think I’m going to make my sundown deadline. I also didn’t take into account the time change and my first hitch and tow by the Workhorse would be in the rain!

The Delivery Continues

Safe travels, the adventure continues…Gary

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  1. Regardless of how much info you’ve absorbed today, there will be times when you need an experienced RV er to help you out…..example:empty black tank FIRST, flush lines with gray water!!! And ALWAYS remember to close the valves on BOTH!!


    • So true John and unfortunately often that experience comes at the cost of making the mistake. Hopefully not too big or too many. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I WON’T make that one!


    • Thanks Rob, so far it’s been wonderful but I am exhausted from putting it together and now trying my best not to miss somethings (like stop for the sunset). Staying at least a week here o I can rest up a little.


    • On the way Jeff. I have been shooting some with my cell phone so far. When I get my feet on the ground I will bring out the canon. 😉 I will include some today.


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