Lake Pleasant Arizona

Wednesday morning February 12th, I began to prepare..

Hwy 60, Miles of, well not much, but beautiful in it's own way

Hwy 60, Miles of, well not much, but beautiful in it’s own way

…the Coach for travel which will be the first time I have moved since accepting delivery on Monday in Ehernberg, Arizona.  Fortunately I made a Departure Check List and finished it for this event and future ones.  Currently it is three pages long and I have it set up to use on my tablet.  Over the next few weeks I will continue to revise and reduce it as I learn what I need to focus on each time I go through the departure process.  I was surprised that my preparation took several hours, making sure everything inside and out was ready for the journey to my next camp site.   That being done I finished the Departure Check List as I hitched the Coach and plugged in the electrical to the Workhorse.  I thought, “I’m ready to go”, while climbing in and starting the Workhorse up. Then the Workhorse gave a tug, hmm that feels a little heavier than it did several days ago.  I guess it is about three hundred plus pounds more as now I unloaded the Workhorse, moving everything into the Coach.  Anyway, away I went down the road for a three hour trip which will take me to the next camp.

As soon as I turned out onto highway 60…

… I realized I forgot something.  It was almost lunch and all I have had in the

excitement is a coffee.  The Coach is all closed up.  Even stopping now I would need to extend out one of the slides to get to my pantry, where the dry food was, as nothing in the refrigerator to speak of.  Oh well out in the middle of no where, literally, I pray that food will soon show up on the horizon.  No sooner than the words leaving my mind and a Bar-Grille flies by on my right.  Questionable parking for the Workhorse and Coach and no time to adjust my speed.  Swish, too late…. shucks.  I slow down and pay a little more attention.  What’s that ahead? A market? That will work and there is a spot to park off the pavement.  I stop.

Market? Well not really.

Market? Well not really.

I get out of my truck…

… and walk back to the Market.  Hmm, not to promising.  I approach the door and hear a dog.  That’s strange for a business.  I open the door and behold a cute little Yorkie meets me and sniffs his approval.  A older lady who is apparently running the establishment greets meet along with her husband who was working in the back.  I think to myself “I don’t think I will find any food to eat here”.  I was right, the nice lady and man explain, while they do have snacks and candy, they are more of a flea market, selling all kinds of items and antiques.  They do tell me about a Cafe down the road just a few miles past Salome, AZ.  So I thank them, say good bye and take off down the road.

Sure enough down the road past Salome, AZ …

… was a little Cafe at an old, old motel probably from the 50’s that was being

Good Food

Roadside Cafe – East of Salome HWY 60

refurbished.  I stopped and wasn’t disappointed.  Nice friendly people and good food.  I would   stop here again if I passed by this way some day.

I continued my adventure down highway 60, uneventful and arriving at my destination around 2:00 pm.  Much better, I thought to myself.  I checked in and found my campsite very easily.


Okay don’t get paranoid…

… I have done this with several trailers before.  I had to back in my Coach into it’s home for the next week or two.

Home for the next week or two.

Home for the next week or two.

It was large and very few other rigs were near by.  I took my time and well should I say it took more than once to get it right.  But I did get it eventually.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish my “Arrival Check List” so I did everything pretty much from memory. I got the coach pretty level this time.  I did pretty good right up to the “disconnect” from the Workhorse.  I disengaged the hitch locking mechanism, removed the safety line, and got in the truck pull forward.  I pulled the Workhorse forward but something didn’t feel right, oh man I forget to remove the electrical plug.  It didn’t look damaged, but when I leave I will find out for sure.

By 4:00 pm I am fully setup…

…at my new location and by dinner time starting to feel like relaxing.  I made a quick meal using items I purchased in Quartzite a few days ago.  After dinner I went for a walk and was treated to the most awesome display you could image.

Lake Pleasant RV Resort - Arizona

First night Lake Pleasant RV Resort – Arizona

What an awesome creation we live in.  I wish I appreciated it as much as it is due, but hopefully on my journey I will learn to do just that.

Safe travels until the next time…Gary

6 replies

  1. Gary,
    I do hope you will soon learn to enjoy those magnificent sunsets in Arizona! That was a daily ritual for me, to get comfy in my chair about an hour before sunset with a cold Coors Lite, camera nearby…..never disappointed!!Have you looked into a solar install anymore?

    Safe Travels………….

    P.S. Another tip to add to your departure checklist: ALWAYS double check your roof mount tv antenna is DOWN!!


  2. Enjoying your posts…wow, are you ever a detail guy!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha. Ken & I will stay on it and try to learn from you! Happy Trails!


    • 🙂 I guess that’s why I ended up as an analyst. I over think everything twice. Glad to have you along on my trip.


  3. I was beginning to worry when you said it didn’t feel quite right pulling out from the hitch…….I had a nice Jayco 5er a few years ago, and the very FIRST time I pulled out from my hitch, using a friends borrowed 1 ton Chevy, ——KABOOM!!!!! the kingpin came down so hard into the bed it literally went through the metal!!! Stopping immediately, with his bedrails literally holding up my trailer, I immediately knew what I had done—-I had forgot to drop the front supports into place!!!!!!!!!!! Do that in a busy campground with a dozen or so old timers watching you……very embarrassing!!!!


    • Hey John, Sorry to hear of your mis-adventures. I have been obsessing over doing something like that too. I’ll bet I checked the hitch a dozen times before making the pull. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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