President’s Holiday Weekend

I entertained some VIP’s at my Lake Pleasant camp…

…during the Presidents Holiday weekend.  Nana and the Grandchildren from Orange County, California flew into the Phoenix airport Thursday of last week.   They were picked up by my Daughter-in-law and her two children that live here in Arizona.   I drove to their home from my camp at Lake Pleasant, and spent several nights with the family.  I was fortunate to enjoy several home cooked meals during my visit and as a bonus I got my Laundry caught up!  On Saturday after my grandson’s soccer games, Nana, the Grandchildren and myself returned to my camp at Lake Pleasant Marina.  But first we stopped by Wal-Mart to purchase fishing rig’s for each of the grandchildren.  On arrival at my camp the grandchildren, ages 3 to 9, were excited to see the Coach.

The Coach with the Workhorse

The Coach with the Workhorse

It was their first experience seeing it up close and they began running around inside and out investigating all the amenities.  After all was explored and they settled down we retired for the evening. I was  amazed to see six people (some very small) fit in the Coach.  It was wall to wall sleeping bags – literally, with a lot of giggling.  Finally there was quiet and sleep.


Over the next few days…

…we spent fun days fishing and exploring.  During our fishing excursions there was not a bite to speak of but they had fun trying, hours.

Hike to the Marina Grill

Hike to the Marina Grill

It was amazing they didn’t get discouraged, they just enjoyed the experience.  A lesson for us all.  Thank goodness Nana was there to help with the setup of the fishing tackle, because my last fishing experience was when I was a teenager.  I will rectify that in the coming months.

Also we all had the experience of seeing the first rattlesnake of the season (for me).  It had just been killed by one of the employees here at the lake, but I think it left an impression on the kids, how important it is to watch closely around us as we are walking.  Snakes are very hard to see.  They blend into the surroundings and before you know it you are on top of them.  Bummer for the snake, but it was in a high traffic area to the lake.

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 On the last day we fished early…

…then returned to the Coach to drive everyone back to our Arizona home.  I again spent the night so I could take Nana and two of the boys back to the airport in Phoenix the following morning.  Of course my ulterior motive was the food and the company.  That afternoon I said goodbye to my Arizona family and returned to my Coach at the Lake.  It was a difficult transition for me.  So quiet the first night after having all the little ones with so much energy.  Another adjustment.

The following morning I woke to…

… a wind storm with 40 mph plus gusts.  I left the Coach once to retrieve a chair and door mat I had left out over night not thinking they would be blown away due to there weight and bulk.  Lesson learned, fortunately they didn’t go too far.

The Windstorm

The Windstorm

I tried to capture the results of the wind from my Coach, but it’s hard to see the power that was displayed most of the day.  At times a water truck was wetting the area down to prevent erosion. I had plenty of chores to accomplish inside my Coach so the time was well spent.  By the evening the wind subsided and I ventured out for a walk to the Marina Grill for dinner.  It turned out to be a nice evening that I enjoyed very much. Such peace and beauty all around as I walked back to my home, the Coach.

Evening at the Marina

Evening at the Marina


Sunset at the Marina

Sunset at the Marina







Safe travels…

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