More Lake Pleasant Visitors

Photo Update for President’s Day Weekend visit …

…The grandchildren were eager to “go out” on the lake and Beth suggested I rent a kayak.  Great idea.  I took Aiden, the oldest first and he fished for a while as we paddled around the marina end of the lake.  He had a good time and was very focused on fishing for part of the trip.  Of course his primary goal was to find sticks floating that met his expectations and then retrieve them 🙂

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On our return to the dock, I had to be fair and take each of the grandchildren for a short ride around the small bay.  This required the kayak assistant to relaunch us numerous times.  He was very patient to say the least.

Also of note…

…Nana Beth sent me this photo I took with her iphone.  Our youngest grandchild was the only one that would grab a worm for fishing.  It was hilarious to watch their expressions.

Funny the youngest was the only one that would touch a worm!

Funny the youngest was the only one that would touch a worm!

On Saturday, February 22nd…

…my son who lives here in Arizona came to visit me and brought his two children and the family dog, Saxon.  The children had visited the Coach last weekend, but this was his first time to see it.  He was happy for my choice and expressed his excitement for me in my decision to experience the vagabond lifestyle.

The last spot while here at the park

The last spot while here at the park

They arrived just as I was getting ready to move my Coach to a new spot.  My time ran out here at the park, but I was able to extend my stay here for another week, but it required a move to a new spot.  The last spot was by far the best and had unobstructed views of the lake and marina.

Marina Grill View

Marina Grill View

After making the move we all went down to the marina grill for lunch.  We found a table outside, right next to the water so Saxon could come along too.

After and relaxing day we all went to “town”, about a twenty minute drive from the lake.  There we enjoyed pizza and said our goodbyes until the next time.

Safe travels…

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    • Yes I am becoming more comfortable with my new lifestyle, except when I hitch and in hitch the coach. That will come in time. Thanks for checking in John.


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