California Here I Come, Again

Before the Rain 

Camp at Buckeye

My Camp at Buckeye, AZ

I was able to get my Coach hooked up and settled into my site.  My home is now at Leaf Verde in Buckeye, Arizona. It is similar to my first camp in an “RV Resort Community” at the Black Rock RV Resort.  It’s quite large, about 300 spaces, very clean facilities with a friendly staff.  The spaces are much smaller though, I definitely got spoiled at Lake Pleasant.  I  have booked in here for the entire month of March to save a little money and have the flexibility of taking a few day trips, mostly south of here for future adventures.  Also, my site is about an hour from my Son and his family.

Trip to California

20140304 CASpectrumFerrisWheel

The Spectrum Irvine California

When I started this post I was at staying at my youngest sons and his wife’s home in Southern California. I arrived here on Monday and I stayed until Friday morning.


During my drive east I was able to stop in Temecula, California. There I had lunch with my aunt Jean, cousin Ken and his wife Teresa. It’s always fun to catch up on the news and talk about old times. I haven’t seen them as much as I would have liked over the years. Life just gets too busy. On Tuesday night had dinner with my California family at the Spectrum in Irvine. Wednesday and Thursday I was able to meet up with many family members and friends. This was an unplanned trip until the dental visit was deemed a necessity, but it was nice to see everyone in Southern California again before I start my first adventure North towards Montana with the new truck and fifth wheel.

20140307_094745Wednesday night my son installed a pair of “side-steps” for the Workhorse that we purchased earlier in the week.  With very little help from me, I might add.  They turned out nice and I am sure they will come in handy, especially during foul weather.  It’s much easier getting into my truck now and I have a step for the truck bed also, which is a big plus since it’s so high.  On Friday morning I stopped by my storage room and picked up the remaining boxes for my Coach.   Six in all, that I left when I found out I would return for this trip.  It made my move much easier when I picked up the Coach in February. I now have everything I need to move forward on my trip north.  The ride back home to Arizona was LONG to say the least. It was much easier the first time as I did it in baby steps, a few hundred miles or less at a time.

Returning to Arizona 

20140309_113034Today, Sunday, I’m attending the Ostrich Festival in Chandler, Arizona with my Arizona family. I had no idea this was such a big event.

Strolling around the park on a warm spring day, I watch the children laughing, excited to experience the next ride in the line of contraptions that were set up in this large park.

There are many events happening here today. We won’t be able to see all of them, but we did see the Ostrich races and the police dog obedience event. Both were quite entertaining. Even though it was a little warm, I enjoyed hanging out with the family. I am disappointed with myself though, as again I didn’t get photos of a single Ostrich or much other for that matter.  Of course, I didn’t really come for that, it was mostly about being with my family as I contemplate leaving them for months the very first time. Of course, all the rides and the grandchildren were fun to watch too.


Safe travels until next post…Gary

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    • I don’t think they offered them, however there were the typical “fair culinary delights” available. I guess I am not brave enough to try some of them. Thanks


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