Painted Rock Petroglyph Site – Gila Bend

Wednesday, I meandered down to Gila Bend…

…to visit another published petroglyph site here in Arizona.  I enjoyed

The Drive to Gila Bend

The Drive to Gila Bend

the drive, which was about an hour and a half one way.  It is interesting to see the change in quantity and type of vegetation in the desert.

When arriving at my destination I discovered it was very dry and desolate.  Not as many cactus, more scrubby brush.  I read on some of the information provided at the site that this area was once green with vegetation near the river and had many types of wildlife, but due to the damming of the Gila River, not far from here, many changes happened.  I guess the positive side is there are many farms around the area growing crops today.

Painted Rock Petroglyph Site - Gila Bend

The site was isolated to one mound, at least that is all they published.  There was an area to camp nearby I believe the fee was $8.  The day use fee was $2, $1 for seniors.  

I found many examples of petroglyphs here,  however the White Tank Mountains was a much nicer destination to visit.  I enjoyed hiking and the many types of plants, although there were not as many examples of the drawings or petroglyphs.

I was looking forward to a hike, but the only trail was around the mound.  I spent some time there and headed back to my camp after stopping at another state park for a short hike.

Until next post, Safe Travels…


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