Return to White Tank Mountain

I went for a walk here…

…at my camp in Buckeye earlier today.  The temperature is warming up and quite nice for an early walk.

The RV Campground where I am camped is thinning out quickly as the Snowbirds return North, continuing their adventure or possibly returning home.  There are visitors here from all over the U.S. and Canada. 

By the afternoon on Tuesday, it was 86 degrees and very windy.  Several “Dust Storms” were reeking havoc on the Phoenix area with visibility reported on the news of only a few feet for short times, causing havoc on the commutes. Fortunately it wasn’t that bad here in Buckeye.  Wednesday, the wind started up again late in the morning and was worse in our area, with gusts up to 35 MPH.  I spent most of the late morning and afternoon hunkered down in my Coach.  The Coach was rocking, about equivalent to a “C” ticket ride at Disneyland, not quite up to the “E” class, I am glad of that.  I took this opportunity to get caught up on my blog and photos I have taken in the past few days.

Last weekend I visited my Son…

… and his family again.  It’s been real nice to see them weekly.  That wasn’t the case since they moved here several years ago.  This visit Jane and Dick were also visiting from California to see the family and grandchildren.  It was nice to see them again. We spent time visiting, shopping and going out for meals with the kids and grand-kids.

Last week I invited my Daughter-in-law and Grandchildren…

…to go for a day hike on the trail I hiked at The White Tank Mountains.  We arrived late morning.  Boy were the kids excited.  They put on their camelbak’s (backpack with a water bladder) and adjusted their “trekking” poles and they were ready to go.

The kids inspecting a find

The kids inspecting a find

They were cute pointing out their finds along the way and making sure I documented it with my camera.

They were amazing hiking the entire two mile loop there and back, never complaining or asking to be carried.  I enjoyed getting out in nature and getting to inspect the petroglyphs once again.  They fascinate me and my imagination runs wild.  What were the different tribes and clans really like?

Thanks for stopping by, safe travels…



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    • Thanks John, I am adjusting just fine. I don’t have any problems sleeping. I did buy a “topper” for the mattress, it was very firm, but acceptable. I feel more rested now than I have in years and enjoy each day.


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