Packing Up in Buckeye

Travel Journal – April 2, 2014
Long Term Visit
My Camp at Buckeye, AZ

My Camp at Buckeye, AZ

I have been camped at Verde Leaf RV Resort in Buckeye, Arizona for 32 days now.  It’s the first time I have stayed “long term” in one spot and found the experience pleasant, while saving a little cash due to the discounts that are offered at some facilities for longer term stays.

I have managed to go on several hikes away from the camp and explored a few areas within a hour or two’s drive.  I continued to be near one of my Son’s and his family, so I was able to continue spend a lot of time with them.

Sidekick on the Horizon?

I have been considering acquiring a dog for months for companionship on my travels.  I haven’t had a dog since my 16 year old Shetland Sheepdog, Jinger, died four years ago.  I had been looking for a larger dog with similar characteristics.  About two months ago I put down a deposit on an unborn Australian Shepherd puppy here in Buckeye from a hobby breeder.  The plan was to pick up the new puppy, then travel north to Montana (taking my time naturally).  Well mother nature had other plans, and as of this post it is yet unborn.  I have been talking to the breeder and there is possibly another option that I am considering.  More to come soon.

Packing Up leaf verde
My Camp at Buckeye, AZ

Camp – Buckeye, AZ

I had an enjoyable time here at the very well maintained Leaf Verde RV Resort.  Management kept it spotless throughout my stay.  There were a number of sites that probably stay here long term (months and maybe even all year).  A number of the campers, I would say most, here are “snowbirds” from all over the US and Canada.  Since I arrived months later than others, it felt like  I was arriving late to the party, but everyone was very accepting of newcomers.  I met many people, I can’t remember  all of their names.  I don’t consider myself a very social person, but I did attend several evening get-to-gathers.  Most were spontaneous and all were informal.  On my move out day, after I was packed and hitched up to the workhorse, I spent another 45 minutes saying goodbye to those I met.

After leaving, I drove to Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ for an evaluation of my Coach for warranty work that I wanted to get out of the way.  All of the items were very small.  They will need to submit them to Grand Design and I will return the following week for the repairs.

Overall I am happy with my Coach and the quality has met my expectations.  It seems to be a quality unit.  I will continue posting about any issues that arise as my travels continue.

Safe Travels…Gary



6 replies

  1. Hey that’s great Gary! Australian shepherds are very nice, loyal, and he will listen to all your troubles when they arise!! Ever decide on the solar panels?


    • Hi John, He is six months old, partially trained and is a wonderful friend already. I decided to put off the solar expense, at least until next year. I’m still thinking about getting a small 2 K generator, but I may forgo all of it until later. It’s expensive (for me) getting started with all the toys (and the dog).
      Thanks for stopping by


      • Well that’s all understandable Gary….I had thought about a Honda genset, but went with solar instead…..a nice 2k Honda genset will power everything in your coach…you can get the new ones now that have a 30amp plug…but you may be a 50 amp…???


      • I have 50 amp, so it should be able to run everything except the A/C and microwave. That is what I was looking at. If I conserve I should be able to only run it a few hour each day. We will see, having fun as is…


  2. Sounds like you are having a awesome time. We had a little dog a long time ago named Jinger also. Think you would enjoy a dog some one to talk to. Not sure about a puppy but I’m a cat person. Love hearing about your travels.


    • I am having a great time Jan, nice to hear from you. I got my little friend yesterday. I will post about him here soon. He is keeping me very busy at the moment. He is a lot of work, but well worth it. I’m not sure if I am training him or it’s the other way around.
      I have already posted a few pic’s on Facebook.


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