On the Road Again

Good-bye Arizona
The Dessert "Meadow"

The Desert “Meadow”

I have had a wonderful time traveling in beautiful Arizona, but I have been neglecting my blog.  Too many adventures, but too few pictures recently.  Jagger has been a handful, both the good days and a few rare bad days.  I will be posting some of the events in the past month over the next few weeks, months and years as I travel and look back to the notes I have taken along the way.  I some ways I have learned and grown more than at other times in my life.  This continues to be a wonderful experience and I am excited to be traveling to new places as I head north to my new home in Montana.

Reflections of my first few months, finding my Sidekick, traveling with my Workhorse and my new Coach

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My family time has been unmatched, especially for my Arizona family because they were so far away.  I now find myself again having to say good bye for now, as my Daughter and two of my grandchildren leave for the drive back to California with my best friend Beth.  Immediately after they leave I had to say goodbye to my Arizona family, my Son his wife and children.

Tomorrow I hitch up my Coach once again and start the first leg of my trip North to Montana.  The first night I will be stopping at the Cameron Trading Post.

Signing off from Lake Pleasant, AZ.

Safe Travels….

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  1. Hope you take it slow through Utah. It’s always difficult saying goodbye to the kids but exciting to embark on the journey. Safe travels 🙂


    • I thought I was taking it slow, but the first week near Zion has flown by. I will be moving north on highway 89 about 60 miles on Tuesday. There is a lot to see along the way and I believe I have missed a few stops already. I guess there is always next year 😉
      Thanks for stopping by…Gary


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