Reflection’s – Usery Mountain Park

On Hold in Arizona

My User Mountain Camp

My User Mountain Camp

For those who didn’t know, I had extended my stay in Arizona by several weeks because I was waiting on a couple of parts to be obtained by Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ. so they could complete the warranty work on my Coach.  I only had superficial flaws or damage when I picked it up, thank goodness.  I have heard of much worse scenarios on new fifth wheels of other brands, but relatively few for Grand Designs.  The difference on the out comes were, Grand Design is very cooperative in expediting the manufacture and shipment of the items needed.   From all I have read they are standing behind their products. Of course Arizona was a prefect place to wait, since I got to spend time with my family.

Back to Southern Arizona

My plan was to spend a few weeks at Dead Horse Ranch, then continue North.  I made reservations sometime before, but as it turned out that I had to travel back South after leaving Dead Horse Ranch.

I chose Usery Mountain to spend a few more weeks.  I had wanted to visit there earlier, but couldn’t get reservations for the time frame I wanted.  So this worked out great.  It’s a State park East of Phoenix that is located at Usery mountain.

During this time my California Son and his wife came to visit for a few days to see the rig.  Also while they were here my Arizona Son brought his bike out and they went mountain biking at Usery and had a great time together.  A little too intense for me 🙂

Snake in our path

Snake in our path

On one of my afternoon walks, while at Usery Mountain with Jagger, I saw the first “live” snake.  Not sure what kind it was, not a rattlesnake though.  Jagger missed this one and we gave it plenty of space!



Tour The Olive Mill

During my stay at Usery, My Son and Daughter-In-Law invited me to visit the Queen Creek Olive Mill.  There we took a tour and had a great, healthy lunch.  I would highly recommend the visit and don’t forget the tour.  You will learn a lot about the ranch and the family who founded it. They are still very involved in it’s daily operation.

The Wind Cave Hike

Wind Cave Route

Wind Cave Route

On one warm day all of the family living in Chandler and those that were visiting here from California came out to Usery Mountain for a hike on the Wind Cave trail.  Approximately 3 miles, with a gain of 800 feet in elevation.  Advertised as the most difficult trail at Usery.  It was an awesome time, the first trail for Jagger and my Son and Daughter-in-law helped with Jagger.  He did pretty good with people we met, but still not dealing well with dogs, especially certain ones.  I was very surprised that most of our group made it to the top of the trail.  The view was awesome.  The “Route” picture above left, was about half way up the mountain.  In the distance you see the mountain, the lighter stripe across is just below our destination.

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Next stop was, yep, back to Lake Pleasant, which is close to Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ.  The parts were delivered and appointment was scheduled.

Until next time, Safe Travels – Gary

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  1. Well, it certainly sounds to me like you are having a grand time and getting acclimated to the new lifestyle as well as the new companion! New RVs with missing parts or damage on delivery are not that uncommon…..I once had a 38′ Jayco 5th wheel delivered to a dealer in Illinois, and it was missing both 30 lb. LP tanks, the spare tire/wheel, and the house battery!!!!!


    • Wow John, did they make good on everything? Jayco is a good brand from what I read. Yes, I feel pretty good about my experience with the RV Purchase. Getting around pretty good. It feels a little funny being on what feels “vacation”, but not trying to do something every minute of the day. It’s been a little hard to slow down. There is so much to see and do.


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