Today’s Forecast – Camp Bound

Looks like today will be another day to hang around camp.   At least I will be able to get a few things caught up, like laundry and cleaning.  This is the not so fun part of traveling, but I would be doing that if I was at home anyway.

It rained here most of  yesterday and I spent it here at camp and got caught up on photo’s and the blog.  Today is a different story though.  I applied “Simple Guard 3” to Jagger yesterday afternoon, that the vet in Arizona prescribed for fleas and ticks.   This was his second month to receive it.  Last month I saw very little problems.  Within a couple of hours he experience a problem with frequent trips for a potty run (putting it gently).  It has continued this morning starting at 5:00 AM and now “throwing up”.  He still has some energy and drinking a little water.  I am restricting his solid diet and working in Rice water, and maybe Rice tonight.  I know he is feeling bum. I feel bad for him.  I went online and there are a lot of negatives about the product.  Several said their dogs got better in about 48 hours, but would never use it again.  Some dogs the results were even worse ;(

Hopefully Jagger gets better soon, then we can get back to sight seeing and having fun.  We only have a few more days at this camp before we move North again towards Montana.

Has anyone with a dog had similar problems?  What do you use for Flea and Tick prevention?

Safe Travels… Gary

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  1. Hey a friend of mine has a dog like yours and used Frontline flea and tick, with same results as you describe. She took her dog to the vet and they said severe allergic reaction to this type of drip on flea product especially for this breed of dog. The first thing to do is shampoo that product off the dog and don’t use it again. It will take a couple of weeks to get out of his system. She was advised to get a cheapo Hartz flea and tick collar after the dog has recovered. Its worth a try, my friend waited too long and her vet bill was $400 to get doggy on the road to recovery.


    • Thanks Barbara, I just got off the phone with Janet and she suggested to try and wash it off too. I read it takes 48 hours to fully absorb into his system. So I washed off as best as I could. He is a little lethargic now, but seems okay. Probably nothing left in his tummy. If he isn’t better by tomorrow I will drive him to a vet hospital in Cedar city, about 1 1/2 hours away. It’s the closest one to me.


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