Relaxing Day – Trip to Centerville

Yesterday turned out to be a relaxing day for Jagger and I.  As he recuperated throughout the day, I felt a little less stressed about his condition.  By 3:00 PM there hadn’t been any issues for over six hours and he started to show signs of having some energy.  On suggesting a drive he got excited.  So we packed up and went for a drive to “Centerville”.

Centerville, Utah

Centerville, Utah

I have never heard of  of this small city of 15,000 residents, but it was down the road 25 miles and the scenery was awesome.  It looked more like a “farming” area most of the way with the colorful Utah mountains as a back drop and Cattle lazily grazing in the fields.  I saw some amazing views, but unfortunately I was unable to pull off the highway safely, so I can’t share that with you here today.  I did manage to snap a few shots as pull off areas were available, not as dramatic, but still beautiful.

I am not sure where they are?  Where are 15,00 people?  Even the two gas stations in town had gone out of business.  There was one very small restaurant on the main highway that appeared to be open on Sunday, unusual around here.  There were also numerous older, mostly well kept homes, a closed RV Park, a small Motel with a few cars and a school. I wouldn’t mind living in this rural valley, other than the winters are probably rough.

Back at the Coach



After arriving back at the coach, Jagger once again had an episode.  I decided I needed to take him to the veterinary hospital.  I found one in Cedar City over a hour away and gave them a call.  They referred me to a on call doctor and gave me his cell number.  The doctor was very nice, I wish they would have been more clear stating his name.  He told me to give Jagger three doses of “Pepto Bismol” over the next 24 hrs, then gradually start rice routine.  If that doesn’t work or he becomes dehydrated, I should call the hospital.  Fortunately I bought a new bottle of Pepto Bismol to have on hand, because nothing except the two gas stations and a Family Dollar store are open here in Panguitch. Getting him to take the medicine was tricky, he wouldn’t drink it himself.  I called my Son and he  suggested concealing it in a small amount of bread.  I didn’t think of that because it was a liquid.  It worked, he gobbled it right down.  So far it seems to be working.  I am so thankful.  Maybe today we can go on an outing.  He is displaying much more energy this morning, even though he hasn’t eaten in 36 hours (other than 2/3 slice of bread).

Another new day, let’s see where it takes us.  Safe Travels, Gary


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  1. Gary, it sounds like you are having a great time; thanks for the posts and pictures; Love Jagger….Be careful my friend.


    • Hi Laurie, good to hear from you. Yes, enjoying my retirement traveling a little. Jagger is a great companion. I have had him almost two months now. Hope all is well with you and the family.

      Thanks for stopping by, take care.


  2. Glad to hear that Jagger is doing much better. I know how helpless it feels when something like that happens. The bread thing was smart.


  3. Love the picture of Jagger. He is absolutely beautiful. I hope he feels better soon. I have an Aussies, her name is Feather Blu. She was sick like Jagger about a year ago. I also gave her rice to eat. I have no idea what made her sick though.

    I now live in Arizona, but was raised in Utah. I have a brother who lives in Beaver, Utah… not far from where you are now. I love the drive from Phoenix to Beaver. It is so beautiful. Actually, I think all of Utah is beautiful.

    I enjoy your posts.

    Take care and be safe.


    • Thanks for you Post Jeannie, I appreciate your company on my journey. I saw your website. It looks like you have been blogging for a while. Your site has a lot of good information. Blu is a beautiful Aussie too. She has my favorite coloring.
      Take care.


  4. That is such a great picture of Jagger, glad he is feeling better. It is amazing in those towns where they say there are 15,000 people …. really where are they??


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