Arrived – Camp Lake Utah

Camp Lake Utah - Lakeside

Camp Lake Utah – Lakeside

Yesterday, late afternoon we arrived at our new camp.  We will be staying here for one week before moving again, closer to our Montana destination.  It a nice RV Park with all of the amenities and of course the price.  This is the first camp that had cable tv included.  Since the reception is so poor here I went out and purchased a coax R6 cable.  Yes I threw away all of the many cables I had when I moved into the Coach thinking I would never need one again.  It’s a nice to have, but I really don’t watch too much television.  After my purchase I connected the cable and have 32 stations in analog.  What’s that? I don’t know why analog, but I have read it is something to do with the cost to the management.  Funny because when my reception is working, I get a very clear Digital signal on the Coaches antenna. Anyway, like I said before, I don’t watch much, just the news and an occasional movie.

Jagger “It has a dog park”

Jagger Gets a Dog Run

Jagger Gets a Dog Run

Jagger was the happiest I have seen him in days.  A place he could run and boy did he.  I don’t think I have seen him this tired since we left my Son and Daughter-in-laws’ house in Phoenix.  Every time we go outside he is on a leash.  Bummer to some degree for him.  I will be work on the “come” command more this week.  He is doing great and learning very fast.


Our New Campground

While we were out this morning I took a few pictures of our new campground with my phone. I can’t remember why I didn’t book the state park, but Lakeside RV Campground is very nice, located adjacent to Lake Utah State park.  The Provo River flows slowly by searching for the the Lake to deposit it’s water.  The campground has a quiet, tree lined trail that run’s along the river.  I am sure we will make use of that over the next week.  For today, rest, research our surroundings along with Workhorse and Coach routine maintenance.

Safe Travels, Gary


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    • This whole drive here was awesome. Seeing mountains on both sides of the route. When I arrived at the lake it was very windy and has been that way off and on the last day and a half, kicking up a lot of dust (and pollen). I am heading out to Grotto Falls here in a few hours. Mount Timpanogos trails may be a little more than I can handle according to the trail sites I follow. I will be trying to fit in Bridal Veil falls which seems to be close by before I move on down the road. Thanks again for the suggestions. Always welcome. Gary


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