Hiking Along Peteetneet Creek

Yesterday we went for a hike in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  Specifically a place named “Grotto Falls” on the Peteetneet Creek.   After a short drive from our camp at Lake Utah, through the outskirts of Payson, which is South of Provo, we came to a National Forest road.  There heading back into a rich green forest so thick you couldn’t see more than fifty feet on either side of the road, to the trailhead for Grotto Falls. It is a much different landscape than the desert we experienced the previous three months.  I really enjoy being in the forest again.


The Hike Begins

Crossing Peteetneet Creek – 7 Months Old

It was a clear day in the 60’s, perfect for going on a short hike.  It felt so good to be in the forest again.  So cool and refreshing.  The forest was just coming to life after the snow melt and this area was just recently opened.  The snow is still very obvious on the mountains around, but much higher elevations.  The creek was running strong and cold, however still relatively small.

Peteetneet Creek

Peteetneet Creek

Jagger did well on the walk, learning to cross the stream over makeshift bridges along the way.  I had to go first on a couple, but he got the idea quickly and was hard to stop after that.  He only slipped and had a brief “icy cold” paw bath once.  I mentally noted some concern that we were in a very narrow ravine or canyon with virtually no place to go if the water level would rise quickly.  But it was a pretty clear day and I heard the weather report for rain was on the other side of the mountains.  Minimal chance of flash flooding.

The Grotto Falls

As we approached the Grotto Falls we met two groups of two people each who were just leaving the falls.  One had their small child out for the the day.  One of the people I met had an Aussie and was very interested in Jagger, commenting what a beautiful coat he had.  His dad was in charge of the K9’s for a local law enforcement group.  After they left I managed to snap a few photos of the falls.  There wasn’t much water yet, but you could tell a lot of water has come through there at times.  It was dark at the base of the falls this time of day so it didn’t make a very dynamic photo opportunity.

On the way back out I again marveled at the beauty of the forest and how peaceful it was. A good day to be alive and in creation.

Safe Travels, Gary

More Photos:

Peteetneet Creek



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