Journey North to Idaho

Welcome to Idaho - First Rest Stop - Lunch Time

Welcome to Idaho – First Rest Stop – Lunch Time

North to Idaho.  We made good time heading north on a 200 plus mile trek from Lake Utah to Shelley, Idaho.  Our first stop was a rest stop for lunch, just inside the Idaho boarder.

Continuing North we passed mile after mile of beautiful scenery.  Mountains never ending.  Valleys and meadows.  It makes you wonder just how big the creation in which we live is, if what I have seen is multiplied times the area of Earth.  Watching on TV or the internet you realize history and relationship of locations, but when you travel SLOWLY, you realize how BIG and the uniqueness of each part of the whole creation.

I never realized how much volcanic rock adorns the countryside.  It’s everywhere.  Fields of it in different stages of decomposure.  Here in Idaho flat lands you see sediment starting to cover and trees and bushes growing back, reclaiming the land.Welcome to Idaho


Shelly Idaho - North Bingham County Park

We made it safe to our next layover, a county park in Shelley Idaho.  I only had one small issue.  A light came on the instrumentation panel of the Workhorse about 20 miles from our destination and a bell sounded.  It was the Malfunction indicator light (MIL) and has stayed on.  The manual indicates this is a problem with the Catalytic converter and needs to be serviced if it doesn’t go out in several cycles, so I will be watching this.  It’s too earlier to be smogged, just turned 10,000 miles.

It’s really peaceful here.  A perfect stop for a couple of days, breaking up a 500 plus mile trip to Salmon Idaho.  The park is small and right in the middle of farmland for miles.

This morning I woke to a different sight out my window.  A green field, not the desert.  Great start to the new day.

Safe travels, Gary

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