North Fork Idaho

North to Salmon, then North Fork, ID

North to Salmon, then North Fork, ID

I chose to travel Highway 28 most of the way North from Shelley, ID to North Fork, ID  to avoid the Interstates and see some scenery, I was not disappointed.  The traffic was almost non-existent, sometimes intervals of 10 minutes with no cars anywhere.

A Difference Traveling

Vast stretches of farmlands and meadows were predominant as I started out in Shelley.  It felt unusual as when traveling in Utah, the mountains were very close as I passed through valleys.  I still could see mountains, but in the very far distance on both sides.  As I traveled further north the mountains closed in and I started to climb.  The Workhorses’ engine was having to work a little to pull the six tons of the Coach hitched behind.  I was able to stop along the way and snap a few photos to share with you, something I usually can’t do on the Interstate highways.

Lunch Break

20140605 NorthFork ID (1)

Time for Lunch

Lunch Stop

We took our time, stopping for lunch in the middle on nowhere.  What better backdrop for a picnic.  The nice thing about towing your home is everything is right there when you need it, cold lunch prepared right from the refrigerator, crank up the radio for ambiance and a nice clean restroom whenever necessary.

Along the way

Along the way

I took frequent breaks and enjoyed the day traveling.





Arrive @ Wagonhammer RV Park

Early afternoon I pulled into Wagonhammer RV Park.  Probably one of the nicest campgrounds I have found so far.  Right on the Salmon River about twenty miles north of Salmon, Idaho and several miles South of North Fork, Idaho. Arriving Wagonhammer RV Park - North Fork, ID

Tomorrow will be rest and a little exploration of the Park, especially looking forward to the “leash free Dog Island”.


Safe travels, Gary



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