Travel Day – North to Salmon, ID

North Bingham Camp - Shelley, ID

Look Close – The Coach is in the distance

I am in the process of securing everything inside and outside of the Coach, hitching up and moving down the road.  Today I have a little over 200 miles to cover before I arrive at the next camp near Salmon, Idaho.  I am looking forward to relaxing there for a week.  Then I will be traveling over the continental divide.  A feet that would have been impossible in the pioneer days, at least pulling the almost 12,000 pounds over the pass with an 8,000 pound vehicle.

I really liked the camp here in Shelley, Idaho.  I would like to return here again some day and maybe stay for a few more days.  It seems to have the perfect mix for me.  Out of the big city, but close to necessities and plenty of room.

Looking across the Snake River

Looking across the Snake River



Investigating the Park

Yesterday Jagger and I walked around the park and down to the Snake River, running full, swiftly and somewhat muddy.  Again I was impressed with this little park snuggled into the flat lands of farms surrounding it.  In the slideshow below, most of the replica buildings are for the kids visiting the park.  It is in essence a “history” playground and very realistic.  The school and a couple of other buildings are real and have been moved and reconstructed on site.  The barn is for 4H events.  The “air field” is used by model enthusiasts.  The horse arena seems to be used often, at least while I was here.  People trailer their horses here to ride.

Well I better get going… Safe travels, Gary

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