Jagger’s Fishing Trip

Salmon River Running Fast around the Dog Island

Today we mostly stayed around the camp recuperating from the traveling day.   I snapped a couple of pictures around our campsite, then late morning I took Jagger to “Dog Island” when no other dogs were present.  I can’t wait until we get back to Hamilton so Jagger can work with a socialization trainer.  He is still having issues with other animals.  So far this includes Dogs, Cats, and Horses that have crossed our path over the last two months.

 Dog Island

This was like Disneyland for dogs, even better than the dog park at our Lake Utah camp.  The island is in the middle of the Salmon River and is accessed via a bridge.  Once on the island the leash can come off and oh boy there he goes.  It’s about the size of a football field.

Bridge to Dog Island

Bridge to Dog Island

Adventure Turns Fishing

Jagger ran until I thought he would drop, but breathing hard just kept going.  He would run out and around then buzz me going 20 mph within inches of my leg.  It was so fun to watch him play.  After he tired out he went down to the river, maybe to get a drink.

Jagger hasn’t given me a reason to worry about him going in the water.  Every time we are around water he stays out.  The Salmon River runs pretty fast and is very cold.  I could just barely see Jagger, but I saw he was venturing into the water.  Yikes, but then I saw he was grabbing something and pulling it to shore.  I thought it was a stick.  Once on shore he got a better grip on it and proudly brought it to me.

Salmon River

Salmon River

When he got closer I could see it was a fish!  Hmm, maybe he is bringing dinner?  After reaching me I told him to ‘give’, his command for release, but nope.  I had to forcefully open those jaws witch were locked on that fish, a nice 16″ trout.  After I got it out of his mouth, I deposited it back in it’s natural habitat in the middle of the Salmon River.  Oh I forgot to mention, the fish was already dead 😦 and smelling a bit.  Hopefully it doesn’t add to his existing digestion problems.  Anyway I got a good laugh out of it.

Later we took a ride into town to pick up some provisions and fuel for the Workhorse.  Not a quick trip as it’s twenty minutes each way.  Even going to town is an adventure, driving right beside the Salmon River most of the way.

Once we got back I put groceries away and set out to prepare my addition to the “Pot Luck Happy Hours”, hosted by the owners of the RV Park.  In all it was a wonderful day at the river.

Safe Travels, Gary


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  1. Well for what it’s worth… I seem to always miss the best pictures for one reason or the other. Things happen so fast most times… you miss the best chances to take pictures.


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