North to Montana

Wagonhammer RV Park - North Fork, ID

Wagonhammer RV Park – North Fork, ID

Heading north to my new home base in Montana only 70 miles away.  I planned to leave Wagonhammer Campground in North Fork, Idaho early in the morning.  I was able to pull off 8 AM, the earliest departure since I have been on the road.  Pulling away, I again had feelings of leaving something special.  We had a great time at Wagonhammer, especially “Dog Island”.  I will have a lot of good memories of a relaxing times and good acquaintances.  The campground is one of my favorites so far.  It had the right mix of atmosphere (Rivers and Trees), Great facilities, wonderful Hosts, but time to move on to my home in the North.

Lewis and Clark, Indians Passed This Way

As we pull out onto Highway 93, I focus on the road heading North over the Great Divide.  My mind wonders some, thinking about Lewis and Clark along with many other Indians and Pioneers.  They made the same route North many years before, but they weren’t pulling the weight my Workhorse.  It is pretty effortlessly moving up & down the highway.  They had many more difficulties and taking many days to accomplish what I will in a little over an hour.  We live with wonderful inventions, but at a price.  I will pass more wonders than you can count and never really see them even though I move slow and focus on such things. Progress?

Getting Close to Home

This is some of the steepest roads I have been on with the Coach behind me.  There was virtually no place to safely pull over and take pictures of the beautiful landscape flying by my window.  For many miles the Workhorse was pulling up, once over the Great Divide and passing highway 48 coming in from Big Hole we started our descent traveling down steep, winding roads at 25 MPH.  The closer we got to Sula, Montana, highway 93 became very narrow.  I didn’t remember it being so narrow when traveling in a car along the Bitterroot River, but at 8 feet wide, I am taking up almost all of my lane North.

Chief Joseph Ranch

Soon we were in familiar territory, passing the Chief Joesph Ranch, now owned by a nice family from Missouri.  I wanted to turn in the entrance gates, as that was home when I visited here so many times over the last 10 years.  But onward we go to Hamilton.

Property Entrance

Property Entrance

Final Approach

On arriving at our home, I parked out front on the narrow road and did the walk through.  I needed to make sure the Coach would fit the narrow driveway and approach to the site where it would park the next few weeks.  It appeared we would make the turns and so I proceeded cautiously.

It was very close in fact the branches were rubbing on the Coach, but I thought it would be okay, however I had some very minor superficial damage.  I guess we need to trim the trees back some before making the pass again.


We are officially Home and Jagger is so happy, as am I.  This is Jagger’s first experience here and you can tell he loves Janet and Bob immediately.  Right outside the Coach is a huge yard for Jagger to run and play.

Until next time, Safe Travels, Gary


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  1. Looks like a beautiful spot to call home for awhile. Ah, nature’s pinstriping…..probably just the first of more to come – those darn trees. Happens to the best of us 🙂


  2. Tree trimming seems to be a part of the RV lifestyle when you have a driveway line with trees. Glad you made it home safe. That is one of the most beautiful drives. I don’t think your weather is any better than ours is here in Helena so stay dry.


      • There’s really only one campground if you want hook ups. However, Black Sandy on Hauser Lake has electric. And for boondocking there’s White Sandy as well as Devil’s Elbow. If you want to be down on Canyon Ferry there’s a KOA or the Silos’ Campground with no hookups. We’re here because my hubby wants to fish for walleye. We always spend a couple of months here every summer.


      • Thanks Sandie, I will check them out before I move in a couple of months. I am planning my route now.

        There don’t seem to be as many RV Parks around, at least half way nice ones. The National Forest Camp I checked out yesterday was nice, but completely full and several circling the wagons. I am glad I was parked at home because the chance of finding one around here isn’t as good.


  3. Gary, I just can’t really imagine that big ol Dodge having to much trouble pulling that coach anywhere, but slow and steady going down is the safe and best way to go!! And a few minor scratches on the side of the coach, just give it….”character”!!!!


  4. Thank you for another update of your exciting adventure. You have been and are surrounded by beauty. Don’t forget to take pictures of Jagger… he is so adorable. Have fun and be safe. Jeannie


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