Jagger – The Dreaded Day

The Dreaded Day



Jagger’s dreaded day, should I have told him first?  Yesterday was a day that I think was just as hard on me as Jagger, of course not physically for me.  He was neutered.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Hans H. Boer, DVM (Hans) at Companion Pet Clinic, here in town.  We have visited there several times since our arrival and the staff and Hans are wonderful.  I also should mention they are very reasonable compared to California and Arizona Vets too!  On arrival Jagger was his happy go lucky self.  Anxious to meet everyone in the office.  After check in, I gave the leash to the tech and off he bravely marched not even looking back and no I didn’t tell him.  I feel a little guilty for that.

Pick Up Time

Poor Baby

Poor Baby – After arriving at Home

When I picked Jagger up in the afternoon, after his surgery, he seemed a lot more active than I expected and he pulled me to the Workhorse.  He got help up to the back seat by one of the staff tech’s and we started our journey home, which was only a few miles.  After arriving home I turned around to see those big blues about half staff!  He was falling asleep sitting up.  That pretty much was how it went the next 24 hours, a very sleepy puppy.

Recovery Days

Rainy Day - Looking out our window

Rainy Day – Looking out our window

During Jagger’s recovery the next few days I sat down and put “pen to paper”.  During the recovery I watched Jagger struggle back to normal after the medication.  Sleepy all afternoon and evening.  The next day is better, but Jagger is still laying in his kennel at our Home Base.  It will be a quiet day which is fine as it has been raining here, very intense at times.


I am hoping for a good day tomorrow for Jagger.  His trainer, Jewel from “The Joyful Animal” will be coming by for an early evaluation.  Jagger is still having issues with animals, especially dogs (and deer).  I am hoping to learn how to correct that for sake of both of us.

Safe Travels…Gary



4 replies

  1. So has Jagger forgiven you yet? I really think it’s a lot harder on us then on the pups because by the time the stuff wears off they are feeling pretty good again. Our Scooter loves carrots.


  2. Poor boy……quite possibly for the best in the long run though……he will be OK in another day or so! You know, I have a chocolate Lab that absolutely LOVES red apples!!!! Not the core/seeds though, due to cyanide risks…..great snacks, and my vet says thumbs up! See if Jagger would like one as an occasional healthy treat!


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