Reflection: Dixie National Forest

Travel Journal – May 2014

I mentioned in a previous post, that I would be looking back on previous adventures that I have not published yet.  Now that I am at my Home Base in Montana, I can catch up a little bit.

What follows below was one of my experiences when I staying in Panguitch, Utah back in May 2014.  If you remember I was camping at the Hitch N Post Campground and had Jagger less than six weeks.

Shopping Adventure?

Now that I am a Retired Vagabond, I have discovered through trail and error that you can’t spend everyday on the hunt of new adventures and things to see.  It’s not like vacation, better because it continues on each day.  Some days you actually need to clean house and do laundry!

Walmart Cedar City

Walmart Cedar City

Yesterday I needed to go to the store for groceries and a few hardware items.  I decided to go to Walmart.  Wait a minute though, the closest Walmart or any hardware store is over fifty miles away.  True there are a few small grocery stores around, which I have been using occasionally, but they don’t always have the items I have in mind.  So the decision was made to have an adventure shopping.

The Trip To Cedar City Through The Forest
Highway 20 to Cedar City

Highway 20 to Cedar City

I chose to drive Highway 20, north of my camp to Interstate 15, then South to Cedar City, Utah.  A pleasant drive through nice scenery that took a little over an hour.

While at Walmart we met a nice lady who had several Australian Shepherds.  She saw Jagger and walked all the way across the parking lot to say hi.  We visited for awhile then left for the drive back to our camp.

On the way back we went Highway 14, through the Dixie National Forest.  This was a steeper and more narrow road.  I am not sure I would want to bring the Coach up here, but I am sure the Workhorse wouldn’t have a problem if I did.

I passed several trucks really struggling to pull their trailers over the winding, steep terrain.  We took our time stopping here and there for sightseeing and grabbing a few photos.  I am glad I didn’t buy anything perishable as it took over 2 hours to get back to camp.  Well worth the trip though in many ways.  I am not sure many could say they saw what I did on a grocery run!  Good times.

Until next time, Safe Travels, Gary

More Photos: Dixie National Forest



10 replies

  1. Thanks most of the photos just get in my way when I am trying to take a picture, definitely sounds like a challenge. Maybe we could drive through the White Tank mountains, then back to Mesa Walmart 😉


  2. Anyway, my comment was that I don’t suspect there are many people, myself included (for now), that have that kind of scenery on their grocery run!!


    • I would agree John, including me most of my life. I feel like I am blessed daily by the creation around me. I am trying to never take it for granted. Thanks for following, oh and reporting the site problem commenting.


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