More Warranty Work for the Coach

Jagger’s Feeling Better


Travel Journal – July 15, 2014

Jagger continued to dramatically improve from his surgery over the past week.  By the time we left early in July to take the Coach to Bretz RV in Missoula for a couple of warranty repairs, he was almost back to normal. Since we had to leave Hamilton at 6:30 AM to make our appointment in Missoula, I decided to move the Coach to Black Rabbit RV Park along highway 93 (1st Street) in Hamilton.

Black Jack RV - Riverside

Black Jack RV – Riverside

There we dry camped away from other campers as not to disturb them so early in the morning.  Diesel engines starting up do not make a very pleasant alarm clock.

The Repairs

The warranty repairs consisted of the Utility support under theHome kitchen slide, the Lippert rear stabilizer pin that broke and the most important repair was the electric mode of the Dometic refrigerator.  The propane mode has continued to work efficiently for over a month.  I left the Coach at the RV facility to return later, hopefully picking it up and bringing it home.  The other two repairs were completed the same day.  Most interesting was the Lippert Rear Stabilizer, which was pronounced repaired and given their blessing on my arrival!  My Brother-in-law’s custom fix was as good as it gets.  Thanks Bob!  I will be asking them for a spare pin for the one that broke, incase it happens on the road and I’m not in Hamilton where Bob and his complete tool shop is available, to custom make parts.

Some Shopping

The Trilhead - MissoulaAlso while in Missoula I was shopping for a new pair of hiking boots that will hopefully relieve some ankle pain I was having.  My Sister, Janet, referred me to The Trail Head.  A specialty shop for Outdoor and Ski clothing, and accessories.  I wasn’t disappointed, picking up a new pair of  Salewa hiking boots at the same price advertised on Amazon, but the advantage of lots of advice and the ability to try them on.  They are great, the shoes, sales advisors and the store.

Visiting Lolo Pass

During the day we also took a ride out Lolo Pass for a few miles, researching for a future trip we will be taking later in the month.  We didn’t go far, but stopped at the Lolo Square Dance Center and Campground.  I am not a square dancer, but the campground hosts were friendly and the grounds were shaded by large pines. I ended up booking a week there.

Return Home

In the afternoon we returned to Bretz RV in hopes of towing the Coach back home, but alas the part for the refrigerator had to be ordered from Dometic, so I chose to leave the Coach there.  As of this post we are still waiting, the part is “back ordered”  😦

On the drive home Jagger and I made a rest stop at Tuckers Landing on the Bitterroot river.  It was a very long day and we took a quick nap under a tree and later went for a walk.  Then back to highway 93 to complete the trip home.

Bitterroot River at Tucker Crossing


Fawns as the move across our property.

While traveling down our street on our final approach, I saw a deer and her fawn crossing up ahead.  I stopped and waited not far from the fawn.  It was a new arrival with legs still unstable.  Eventually the momma deer called it to cross and it caught up to her.  Jagger, although very excited, didn’t bark much.   Probably because I was distracting him with treats 🙂

Until. next time,  Safe Travels,  Gary

8 replies

  1. Back ordered……just what a full time RVer wants to hear when needing repairs!! Been there, done that, don’t care for it!! Jagger looks so good in the top pic…..


    • I am learning fast John. I think they use “back ordered” too frequently, at least so far. Jagger is at the top of his form, learning a lot now. If I can just get him past the fear aggression with other dogs and animals.


  2. Hi Sandie, yes last time the table had to be manufactured and it took close to a month. They are telling me the end of July, so hopefully they are at least close.

    The fawns are popping out everywhere. Several here on the property. They sure are fun to watch along with the Buck’s and Doe’s.

    Apparently the “Square Dance Center” is pretty popular and has been around a long time. It’s very friendly there and seems quiet with the Lolo Creek running nearby. Also the pine trees are huge and plentiful.

    Take care, Gary


    • Good Morning Ingrid,

      Thank you, I would agree it is something hanging over your head. Not only the repair needed, but the hassle you have to go through when getting it fixed. I will be very happy when it’s done.

      Thanks for joining in the conversation, Gary


  3. Back ordered – you could be waiting a long time to get the rig home. Hate those two words. I have never heard of the Square Dancing campground. Fawns are soooo cute. Well, all babies are in my opinion.


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