Back Ordered

Drive to Blodgett Canyon

Dirt Road to Blodgett TrailheadLast week Jagger and I took a short afternoon drive out a rutted dirt road to the Blodgett Canyon trailhead.  I wanted to get a “birdseye” view of our city and  I have been looking up at this canyon pass for a

Looking up at Blodgett Canyon

Looking up at Blodgett Canyon

couple of weeks now from my home, wondering what was up there.

What a difference in vantage points, looking down on the BitterrootLooking back over the Hamilton - Bitterroot Valley Valley and the town I now call my Home.  The drive up was a little rough, but the view was worth it!  After arriving at the trailhead I got out, then retrieved Jagger from the Workhorses’ back seat.  He had issues almost immediately with a couple of people who appeared suddenly coming down one of the trails.  Since Jagger was uncomfortable with this new area, I put him back in the truck.

With Jagger back in the Workhorse, I decided to check out the creek coming down the Blodgett canyon.  It ran right by the truck.  I took a few pictures and returned to the Workhorse.  We then started our ride home, arriving there by late afternoon and in time for dinner at my Brother-In-Law and Sisters’ home.

Jagger’s Training
Jagger Playing in the Pond

Jagger Playing in the Pond

I find it difficult to put what follows down on “paper”. I am sad for Jagger due to his fear and anxiousness towards animals.  We have become buddies since we have spent almost every waking moment for months together.

During a training meeting with Bob and Dona (Jagger-Sydney)

During a training meeting with Bob and Dona (Jagger-Sydney)

Several weeks ago Jagger and I went to a few training sessions here in Hamilton.  I met with Jewell of The Joyful Animal for an observation session.  Then later at several informal sessions, Jagger and I sat in an adjacent yard to agility class in session being led by another trainer.  We stayed there about thirty minutes, walking by areas where he could see the other dogs close by.  He only got anxious a few times, but Jewell was able to refocus him with treats.  A week ago Saturday, we attended Jagger’s first official training class, but Jewell told us it would probably just be another observation session and she was right.  We sat in another area where he could get “peeks” at the four other dogs attending the class.  It was very stressful for him, but we made it through.  Our classes and sessions will continue for four more weeks.  I am hoping to seeing a marked difference in him when we have completed the classes.


NOTE (recap from earlier posts): Apparently Jagger has a fear of other animals of just about any kind, especially dogs.  I’m not sure what caused this fear,   If you remember, when I picked him up he was six months old.  During my stay in Arizona he had playful interaction with my sons two dogs. He did well and seemed to especially have fun with Phebe a three month old German Sheppard.  Jagger just doesn’t seem to like any other dog or animal for that matter!  As a result he becomes uncontrollable and seems like he wants to get aggressive.


I will follow up soon with updates soon about his progress.

More “Back Ordered” Parts
Welcome to Idaho - First Rest Stop - Lunch Time

My Rig – Workhorse and Coach

Monday I received some bad news.  The part for my Atwood refrigerator is on backorder.  They are estimating the end of July before it’s shipped to Bretz RV.   So far I am two for two.  I have taken the Coach in for warranty work twice and both times I have been hung up, waiting for parts.  Hopefully this doesn’t delay my departure in early September from my home in Montana.  If you remember in March my plans to leave Arizona were delayed for weeks.  My plan now is to pick up the Coach in Missoula this week and travel the next two weeks here in Montana.  I will return home in early August for a few more weeks before leaving for the rest of the year.

Well that’s it for now.

Safe Travels, Gary

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  1. Good to get another update. I am sorry that Jagger is frightened of other animals. Hopefully the classes will help him and he will become more comfortable around the other dogs.


    • His is continuing to make improvements. I am glad I am in the class, but most of my help has been one on one with Jewel, the trainer. I am at a camp now and although he tries to be aggressive, he is calming down much faster. I have high hopes now, being aggressive won’t work with the traveling we do.


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