Heading South for the Winter

With a sad heart, but full of wonder for what lies ahead, I leave my Home Base in Montana and venture South-West through Big Hole on Highway 43 heading to Bannack State Park in Montana for a “look see” and spend the night dry camping.

Arriving at Big Hole

Arriving at Big Hole

Passing Big Hole reminds me of the day trip I did only a month ago to once again check out the Big Hole National Battlefield.  A number of years ago I walked out to the Nez Perce camp on an eerie day.

The wind was howling and the sky was threatening.  But it was my only chance to at least experience where so many Nez Perce Indians were slaughtered.  Both cultures clashed and misunderstanding prevailed, but that was reality in that day.  So I went out into the battleground alone to feel the history all around.  On my departure the sky darkened, thunder clapped and the wind howled through the canyon and trees.

This year my adventure took me out to the US Calvary’s location higher up in the tree line where they set a snare during the night and launched an attack where many shed their blood and some it cost their lives.

I pass the battlegrounds and feel the eeriness in my bones, but continue my trip to the first planned over night stop at Bannack State Park.  There I find another story of riches, hardship and hangings!  But lets save that for next time.

Safe Travels, Gary

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