Exploring Sawtelle Mountain Idaho

I wake up in Island Park, Idaho at a great RV park with room for Jagger to run close by at Lake Henry BLM area and the Sawtelle National forest, right across the street.  This morning we are lounging around, recuperating from the drive here yesterday and the setup of our camp.  It seems like every time we move it takes me a day or so to settle in to my new camp.

We lucked out here at Red Rock RV Park and got an end site that has a view of the national forest across the road and a small grass yard.  Our morning and evening walks will consist of shorts ventures into the forest so we can get a little exercise and explore the nature around us.  We need to be aware and watch for bears, as we were warned on checking in that they have been around this year.

The Henry Fork Caldera

The Henry Fork Caldera

After lunch we venture out to visit “Sawtelle Mountain” and check out our surroundings.  The road we are parked on exits through some open range land where the cattle are roaming freely.   Jagger for the most part is able to maintain his composure as we drive by them only several feet from the Workhorse. Eventually our road reaches highway 20 which is about ten minutes away.

There is a lack of traffic or places to shop around here, it’s very quiet.  A few gas stations with small markets, lodges and a couple of restaurants is about all of the businesses you will find.  Just north on highway 20 is Lake Henry State Park.

Today we head south then east onto a dirt road and wind our way up a steep mountain on a narrow, dusty road.  Earlier I spoke with a neighbor who told me the view was spectacular.  We are going to find out for ourselves today.

The trees and view abound and I enjoy the drive up the dirt road which is decently maintained.  We  share the road with number of people enjoying their ATV’s.  I need to be careful going around the curves as the road is narrow, steep and sometimes one lane.  I have seen pamphlets stating this is a great winter playground with local skiing.

View of Henry's Fork Caldera from the top of Sawtelle moutain

View of Henry’s Fork Caldera from the top of Sawtelle mountain

On arriving at the top of Sawtelle Mountain I look out over the volcano caldera where Island Park is located.  It’s a breathtaking view, high enough that my vertigo kicks in.  I am not fond of heights, especially as I have aged, but the view is worth it.  Unfortunately it seems a little hazy today.

After snapping a few photos and going for a short walk, Jagger and I load up in our Workhorse and head back down the mountain so we will arrive at the coach before dark.  Our trip down was uneventful, the Workhorse did a good job and shows it’s badge of dust and mud.  On the way home we stop by Robins Roost Market and pickup a few item’s for dinner.  It’s right off the highway on the way home and has a Chevron station and restaurant.  Then back home for a night of relaxing and a good book.

Until next time, safe travels…


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  1. Let me know when you get to Ca, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee! Or if you’re gonna be in Quartzsite for the RV show I’ll buy you a cup AND a cinnamon roll! LOL! I’ll be there 19th-28th, camping in North La Posa. Travel safe!


    • Hi Jeannie, Yep still kicking, but behind on my posting. As much as I enjoy blogging, my family here in Arizona has been my focus the last month or so. I am wintering here for a few months before going west to California. It’s nice having you tag along. Take care


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