Packing Up For A Maintenance Trip

Owl at Sunset

Sunset at Lake Pleasant 2014

This afternoon I will be packing up for a Dry Camp overnight at Lake Pleasant.  Early Monday morning I will be taking my Coach in for a couple more warranty repairs and to have my brakes adjusted.

Dry Camp Lake Pleasant

Dry Camp Lake Pleasant

This means Jagger and I will be homeless for the day 😦

Dog Park Surprize, AZ

Dog Park Surprize, AZ

Often we go for a leisurely breakfast and then to the Dog Park in Surprise for a few hours to kill some time.  As you can see in the picture above, Arizona has some great parks, many with water features.  I guess that makes you feel cooler in the blazing hot summers!

On my list for warranty repairs is:
  1. Utility Loom under the Kitchen slide.  This is a bridge for electrical lines and has broken once before.  Bretz RV in Missoula, MT did a haphazard repair that I had to pay for and now it’s broke again.  I will be asking Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ to replace the Loom with a new one.  I have read on the Grand Design Owners blog of several others having this exact problem with defective Lippert Looms.  Orangewood RV has been a reliable place to have my repairs done.
  2. A squeaky floor in my Bedroom area.  This has progressively gotten worse as I have traveled. It isn’t major, but an annoyance.
  3. Also a small area of linoleum is buckling.  It’s about 2″ long on the landing outside my Bedroom.  It’s right up against the door frame.  Again not major but I am not sure if it will get worse.
Additional repairs and maintenance I will need to pay for:
  1. Brake adjustment.  I had a warranty repair done for Lippert wheel bearings at Bretz RV late last summer.  The wheel bearings weren’t seated properly so they fixed the issue by repacking the wheel bearings.  I was told by Orangewood RV that usually when doing this service they check the brakes and adjust if necessary.  I called Bretz RV and couldn’t get a confident YES answer on this so I am having it done as a precautionary measure.

The routine for warranty work

As before, every time I take the Coach in for any work they partially finish the work, then order and wait on any warranty parts and approvals.  I pick up the Coach in the afternoon and return for a later appointment to finish the work.  It’s a real hassle, but does allow me to have my home back while I wait for the parts to arrive.  This is the disadvantage of living in your Coach.   I believe the repairs will slow down now as the bugs are worked out of my Coach and I learn to do some of the maintenance myself.

30 Amp Switch - Interior

30 Amp Switch – Interior

If you remember the switch I wrote about in my last blog a few days ago was very easy to install.  It arrived promptly in the morning and I was able to get the Coach up and running in no time.  Then Jagger and I were off to the dump and returned just after lunch.

Until next time, safe travels… Gary

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    • They are the best. I have had several issues, that were only an inconvenience due to their customer service. Check out your landing gear and rear stabilizer switches. They are plastic, I just wrote a blog on what happened to my landing gear switch. I have ordered an extra one to have on hand. Easy to fix and less than $30. Thanks for dropping by – Safe travels, Gary


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