Preparing for Southern California

Maintenance Continues

If you remember a few posts back, my landing gear switch broke and I had to purchase a new one.

The Switch Arrives

The Switch Arrives

It arrived UPS Priority the next day and I installed it myself.  It was very easy to do and I have since ordered a backup one to add to the parts inventory in my Coach.  The manufacturer of my Coach, Grand Design, has been great to work with and responds quickly when the need arrises.  Also there are some awesome support groups on the internet and Facebook.

Now I am preparing for my month long loop through Southern California and then a Spring trip East.  Along with a few more warranty items, I am doing some regular annual maintenance on both the Coach and the Workhorse.  Since leaving last February 10th,  I have piled on 20,000 miles to the Workhorse and towed the Coach 5,000 miles.

California Here I Come

In California I will be visiting my Son and his wife.  They are the only children I have left in California.  It feels kind of weird, My grandparents from my Dad’s side moved to California in the 1930’s, I believe.  My Mom’s family moved to California in the early 1940’s for better opportunities.

Newport Beach Pier

Newport Beach Pier about five miles from my last home in California

Now almost one hundred years later the family is again moving on to find a “better” lifestyle and opportunities.  Things change, I’m not sure what my Son and his wife still living in OC will eventually do, a lot depends on his employment I’m sure.

More Maintenance for the Coach and Workhorse
Sunset Lake Pleasant

Sunset Lake Pleasant

Last week I took my Coach in for regular maintenance and warranty evaluation.  The additional warranty work will need to be scheduled when I return from my California loop trip.

Jagger and I started our maintenance trip again with an overnight dry camp at lake pleasant about twenty-five miles from the RV Dealer.  The following morning Jagger and I took the coach to Orangewood RV.  They had it for about four hours, so Jagger and I killed some time at the dog park.

After picking up our Coach, we then returned to our Mesa Camp.

A few days later I took my Workhorse in for it’s regular maintenance, including an oil change. I again used ADS Automotive in Chandler, my go to maintenance place here in the Phoenix area.  Can’t say enough about these guys.  They do a great, professional job.   Afterward I took the Workhorse for a bath.

Workhorse getting a much needed bath, including the undercarriage

Workhorse getting a much needed bath, including the undercarriage

Dreaded Coach Roof Maintenance

Two days ago I took on the (for me) dreaded Coach roof maintenance.   I had an estimation from a dealership of approximately $350 to clean, treat and reseal any potential areas that may leak.  Being focused on my limited funds I chose to do it myself.

Surveying the work needed

Janessa Surveying the work needed

I ended up purchasing a few tools which are one time purchases, along with the chemicals. It was less than fifty dollars altogether.  The clean and sealer liquid will last me several more cleanings.  I chose Camco Pro-tec Rubber Roof Cleaner and Conditioner.


Not the most expensive on the market, but I’ve had good luck with other products that I’ve purchased from them.  The Amazon link to the right includes the product I used.  Also of note, after much research, Simple Green is also good to use on rubber roofs, however it doesn’t have the conditioner in it.  I may use that next time but it would require a second step.  My focus was getting up there and off without killing myself 😉

This turned out to be much easier than I thought!

I had a much appreciated volunteer, my daughter.  She got up on the roof and spent well over an hour, maybe two scrubbing, sometimes on her hands and knees.  I supervised, well I actually cleaned the sidewalls all the way around thoroughly.  Cleaning the sidewalls is a must as the roof cleaner removes a chalky substance which is dark from the dirt.  It will stain the Coach sides if left.  This is definitely a two person job.  I feel pretty fortunate to have a volunteer.  Thanks Janessa!

This was the first full wash job the coach has had since I bought it a year ago.  I usually clean sections of the Coach as I travel.  I use a dry wash and wax that is in spray form and works great for me.   Early next week I will be replacing the bedroom slide roof seam with Eternabond tape.  It’s the only place on the roof that shows signs of wear.  I think it was due to the slide seal action rubbing it as it moves in and out.

Well again my time is running short, Safe Travels until next time…Gary

PS: Thanks again for traveling with me and if you choose, any purchases using my Amazon link to the right or below.

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  1. Cleaning and sealing the roof is a big project that Jim tries to get done every year. Good thing he’s not afraid of the heights because there is no way I would get up there. Safe travels on your way to California. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. I’m tired of rain here in AJ.


    • Thanks Sandie, looks like our rain is going to call it quits after several days. It’s so muddy at my Coach, I am having to park at my Daughter’s house and walk to the back of the property. As I type this it looks like the Sun is coming out for the Super Bowl game. As fast as the ground dries around here I will be eating dust by Friday. Thanks for following me on my travels. I enjoy good company.


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