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House Cleaning

House Cleaning

For those that have been traveling along with me for a while, and newcomers, please excuse the “housework” going on as I attempt to modify my blog for increased functionality.  I change the layout/Colors/format every so often as I go for myself and my followers, but this is a major change to the back end code, layout and the navigation.   So far I have mixed feelings about it, but maybe I will get used to it soon or try another start.  Thank you for your patience and comments.

Well another cosmetic change to my coach 😦
Accident Damage

Accident Damage Side after some work

Last Thursday when I was pulling out of my daughters narrow dirt road, on to the main two lane street, the drivers side rear of my Coach clipped the last power pole guidewire anchor.  I didn’t even feel it.  When I arrive at my destination and went back to pull out the dump hose from the rear bumper, yikes, I cannot even tell you what devastation it was for me.  The only thing I could think of was “THAT” turn I make.  It is very close and I have to pull out across both lanes and on the dirt shoulder on the other side.  I guess I was about six inches too short into the turn.  I wish I could say I recovered quickly, but my whole morning seemed wrecked.  When I returned to my camp I stopped and sure enough, the side marker light lense and piece off of the rear corner was laying there.

Accident Damage

Accident Damage Rear

Fortunately the damage was minor, just the idea of making such an easy error bothered me and of course my pride was hurt.  I always am super safe, and dwelled on what I did and how to avoid it in the future.

I do a lot of blind back ups, since I am traveling alone and usually no one is around.  I am always very careful making multiple evaluations, getting out of the truck and taking a walk.  I haven’t heard good things about a rear view camera for a fifth wheel.  Still thinking about it.

 The Repair – Moving on

I ordered the replacement parts to do it myself, but they won’t arrive until after I leave for California on Friday. The picture here is after I had partially pounded the Metal strip back into it’s position, which I will have replaced later.  I then glued the plastic parts together, screwed them back on and resealed everything so it’s weathertight.  I will redo my fix when I return or have the Orangewood RV make the repairs when I get back to Arizona.

After Repair

After Repair side view

After Repair

After Repair rear view


Cutting it short today, just wanted to bring you up to date.  Leaving for California tomorrow.

Safe Travels, Gary

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  1. Oooooops…….gives the coach “character” Gary…….its like brushing against low hanging tree limbs…….however, the repairs look pretty good!

    Safe Travels………..


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