Travel to Parker, Arizona

Packing up Camp
Why did the chicken ...

Why did the chicken …

One of the neighbors hens got into my daughters pasture a few days ago.  No one is sure how and it couldn’t return home.  The rooster would visit at the fence and seem concerned, but apparently unable to encourage her to come home.  We did have the benefit of three eggs, one for each day.  None of us were able to catch her (city slickers) to put her over the fence.  Finally on the third day, the four of us and one dog proceeded to herd her through a gate we were able to open.  

My last night one of my grandchildren stayed overnight in the Coach with Jagger and I. This morning his Mom and brother came over early so we could have breakfast before they went to school and I left on my California trip. Given their choice of breakfast they chose McDonald’s. Not my favorite place but the kids like it occasionally and they have a play area for children. The perfect start for today.

Packing Up

Packing Up

After taking the kids to school and arriving back at the camp, Jagger and I finished packing up, a job we started the night before. Then we hitched the Coach to the Workhorse and I did my usual walk around, several times. We’re ready to leave Jagger. He knows when It’s time to move and reacts pacing the now “folded up Coach”.

Goodbye Play

Jagger and I walked over to my Daughters house so he could run and play with Jax before we take off on our journey west. Janessa let Romeo (their horse) into the yard from his pasture to play too. Of course Romeo’s idea of play was probably eating their green lawn, not being chased by Jax, their Blue Healer puppy. Jagger has a respect for Romeo after meeting his hoof once, during his first meeting several months ago. After that I guess he would rather just chase sheep.

Jagger and Jax - Friends Saying Goodbye

Jagger and Jax – Friends Saying Goodbye

The Drive
Buckskin Camp - Parker

Buckskin Camp – Parker

Finally we say our goodbyes and I CAREFULLY pull out the dirt drive and onto the street, beginning our trek to Parker,  

We arrive just after 3:00 pm. What can I say, I enjoy the drive and take my time. I discover on arrival to this beautiful tree shaded site, there is no connection to the internet. I can’t believe how dependent I am on the internet, not only for my blogging but travel information and entertainment.  This causes a delay for posting my blog so I will remain behind as I travel.

The Colorado River, Buckskin Mountain State Park Beach

The Colorado River, Buckskin Mountain
State Park Beach

Tomorrow I will meet up with an old friend and tour some of the areas around here.

Until next time

Safe Travel, Gary


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