The Guided Tour – Havasu and Parker

An Old Friend Visits Our Camp
Camp Parker Arizona

A stones throw from the River – Buckskin Mountain State Park Arizona

I repeat to myself, “time seems to be flying by so quickly, it’s almost time to think about moving on again”.  I am often saying; “the next time I need to stay in the area a little longer and relax”.  I guess the retirement life hasn’t quite sunk in yet and I have the need to move on and see as many places as I can.  An internal drive of exploration that seems to rule my time.

While here in Parker, Arizona I met up with an old friend I haven’t seen in more than twenty-five years.  Coy has been my friend going back to our high school days.  He went to the rival school, “Warren High” in Downey, California where I spent most of my younger years before graduating.  I had attended “Downey High”, of course it was the better of the two schools 😉  Coy moved to Havasu over ten years ago with his wife and family.

I also wanted to meet up with Linda, but ran out of time.  Linda attended “Downey High” also and moved to Havasu with her husband a number of years ago.  I haven’t seen her in fifty years since we graduated and is one of my Facebook friends so we are “kind of” in touch.

One of the nice things about traveling as I do, you get to meet up with friends and family, some of whom you haven’t seen in decades!

The Tour
Not Far From The River

Not far from our camp and the river the desert is barren

On Saturday Coy drove over from Havasu and we had a great time sitting outside the coach on a cool morning with Jagger and catching up on life for a few hours.  Then off we went to Parker, first to have breakfast at the Crossroads Cafe.  A small cafe boasting “homemade cooking”.  They lived up to their claim and have large serving. The pancakes almost need two plates.

After breakfast we drove drove to Lake Havasu to check out the sites. This is my first trip to Havasu and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, especially since I wasn’t driving.  Coy offered and I took him up on it. That allowed me the opportunity to check out the scenery more than I usually do, especially when pulling my Coach. “Jagger never offers to drive.”

We stopped at several spots to walk around a bit and get a few pictures.  Then we drove back to my camp and called it a day.

Crusin' at the river

Cruisin’ at the river

Time to Say Good Bye

My stop here at Parker was a lot of fun for Jagger and I, but now it’s time to move on to Southern California.  Tuesday morning we pack up and I will drive the remaining distance to O’Neill Park on the edge of Orange County California.  There we will meet up with some more family and friends.   It will be my first return to California since receiving my Coach and moving to Montana.

Until next time, safe travels… Gary

 More Photos: Parker-Havasu Visit

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  1. All the times we’ve been to Parker and we’ve never been to the dam. Must remedy that some time. Always love having a tour guide. Poor Jim doesn’t get to see very much most of the time.


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