Surfs Up – Returning to Old Memories

It seems as if we are only at our O’Neill Camp for a heartbeat and it’s time to move again.  Something I told myself I would stop doing was moving so much, but being here in Orange County the “budget model” of traveling required some of that.  As a result of some of my appointments, it required me to extend my stay here in OC.  Now a difficult scheduling job was compounded.

O'Neill Park, Across from camp

O’Neill Park, Across from camp

Plans Change Mid-Stream

After my physical, my doctor wanted to do a procedure that will require almost a full month of waiting for appointments, etc. So I scramble to make reservations at campgrounds that are empty this time of year during the week, but on the weekends it can be a challenge.  During the week I do the usual to keep me caught up with life.  Shopping, groceries, meet-up’s with friend’s and family.

I am so familiar with this area, it is unlike any other place I have visited.  The only difference now is I go home to my Coach each night instead of my “sticks and bricks” homes of days past.  All in all, I have had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and Jagger has done quite well.

Today Is Moving Day
Doheny Camp

Doheny Camp

Jagger and I are making a planned move to an old hangout of mine; Doheny Beach State Park.

I used to go there as a teen and my visits continued throughout my life.   Surfing, camping with family and friends, and even some huge parties for various events.   There definitely many good memories here and I can feel them as I arrive.

One of my homes back in the late 1980’s was only four miles from the beach here at Doheny.  My kids and I had many bike rides down San Juan Creek to the beach and back.  Most of the early years, I ended up pushing the younger ones on their bikes to keep them caught up with the older ones.  As my younger Son mentioned, someday it may be their turn to push me 😉 ha-ha-ha.

Looks like we may be in for some rain soon.  The solar panel is still working great.  We will see the next few days during the cloudy, rainy weather.

Until next time. Safe Travels, Gary…

More Photos Doheny Beach State Park 

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