Good Morning Lake Pleasant

Aiden, Jagger and I are happy to be back at Lake Pleasant.  After setting up camp we go for a walk and have dinner.  Big day tomorrow so we hit the sack pretty early.  The next morning we head down to the Marina for breakfast, but after getting there, we discover they weren’t open yet.  Aiden and I reviewed the menu and he decided on my french toast, so we hopped on a shuttle (golf cart) and head back to our home.  One nice thing about Lake Pleasant is you can go for a walk to the marina and ride back 😉

Another Drive

After breakfast we call Nana and make arrangements to meet her in the Phoenix area for lunch.  Aiden has school on Monday and needs to be in Mesa when his Mom and Seth return from California Sunday night.  After lunch Jagger and I head back to Lake Pleasant and enjoy a peaceful evening under the stars during our last walk of the day.

Maintenance and Repair
Morning Coffee Time - Lake Pleasant Dry Camp

Morning Coffee Time – Lake Pleasant Dry Camp

Monday morning we wake early and make final preparations to move the Coach.  Today we are taking our home into Orangewood RV to have the utility loom under the kitchen slide replaced.  The RV dealer in Missoula tried to repair it, but failed.  They should have replaced it, it’s a warranty item.  Also, even though out of warranty, Grand Designs agree to cover the “squeak” we developed in the bedroom floor and a small “wrinkle” in the linoleum near the bathroom doorway.  On arriving I tell Doug, the service manager, of two additional problems I would like him to check out.  A propane leak and the seal on the kitchen slide.

Looking at the slide Doug said, it’s a large staple working it’s way out of the frame and damaging the seal.  Also there is one on the other side I didn’t notice.  Jagger and I leave the service center and go for breakfast.  During our breakfast I anxiously call Grand Design.  Without hesitation they agree to cover the work needed on the kitchen slide and the propane regulator, something I wasn’t expecting.  I again am thankful I chose a Grand Design fifth wheel for my home.  From what I have read the repairs I have needed along the way are pretty normal for a new trailer, a house rolling down the highway.  I am hoping all/most of the bugs are now worked out and just a continuing maintenance will follow.

On Holding Pattern

I call Orangewood RV and Doug told me they would order the parts from Grand Design and make arrangements for another visit later in April.  So now, just like last year, I am on hold through April getting repairs done for my home.  The good news is they covered the cost and I have a few other things I would like to get done before leaving for Texas, my next major stop this Spring.  Also I can spend a little more time with my family here, as I won’t see them again until late this year.

Laundry Time

Laundry Time

While waiting for the work to be completed today on our home, Jagger and I go to the Laundromat nearby, fun.  Might as well get that caught up, since we are stuck here, huh Jagger?

After doing the laundry we have lunch and go to our favorite dog park here in Surprise, Az.  It’s a beautiful day, in the mid eighties and it will be perfect for a walk around the small lake.  Jagger passes a number of dogs, some he reacts too, but not bad.  I am again reminded how far we have come in our training and experiences along the way.

Dog Park Surprise, Az

Dog Park Surprise, Az

After a few hours we get a call, our Coach is completed for this trip.  Jagger and I rush down to retrieve our home.  We hitch up, then travel back to Lake Pleasant for the night, a twenty-five minute trip.  Tomorrow we will go back to our camp in Mesa at my daughters house.

There we will spend some time with the family and continue to work on our Coach, preparing for our next adventure

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Pictures: Lake Pleasant

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day in spite of the waiting. The photo of coffee time at sunrise with your RV is a fabulous photo. I feel as though I am sitting right there.


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