Morning Jagger

Stormy Morning

Stormy Morning

It’s 5:30 AM, I’m sound asleep when Jagger barks and growls warning me of eminent danger.  It’s unusual to hear Jagger bark.  When he does I pay attention.  I too hear something outside.  I get out of my warm bed and put my moccasins on to investigate the ruckus.  I hear it too Jagger, it sounds like some animals are right outside our Coach.

I open the window shade to peek out and see what is making the noise.  I notice the sun hasn’t risen, but the sky is beginning to illuminate, showing signs of rain on the way.  I then look immediately to the right of my bedroom.  A small pasture that I expect to see empty, but to my surprise I see two horses playing.  They were running around jumping and kicking up their heels.  These two weren’t invited guests, but are welcome anyway.

Rain on the way

Rain on the way

I step down out of my Coach and walk over to the pasture and quickly close the gate, which effectively trapped the two guests in the pasture.

It turns out, after our neighbor left for work his two horses were able to open their pasture gate and escape.  Pesky critters.  Fortunately they ran a short way down the road and right into my daughters pasture right by my Coach with Jagger and I sleeping inside.

A couple hours later after I get ready for the day, my daughter and grandsons, Aiden and Seth, come back to the pasture to rope these big guys and take them back home.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of that event!  Pretty uneventful and easy for that team.  What a nice way to start the day.  Something different.  It’s never boring around here.

Just a few minutes ago I received a call from Doug at Orangewood RV.  The parts are in for the kitchen slide fix and he has a date for repair work to be accomplished.  Good news I can now plan the start of my journey to the south east.  Unfortunately my original plan will be almost a month behind, just like last year.  The good news is I will get to spend another two weeks with my family.

Since my departure has been delayed I am now considering going north through Oklahoma, Tennessee and South Carolina to Georgia.  Then returning through Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas along the Gulf from August through October.  I need to research normal weather patterns for those times since I am not familiar with those areas.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Mesa Camp

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