Yep, Still in Arizona

Time to Unplug

Time to Unplug

Jagger and I are still enjoying our second stay in Arizona this year.  So far this is the longest I have stayed in one spot since starting my full time RV lifestyle over a year ago.  Other than our regular daily chores and lot’s of family time, there isn’t much going on.  It is however, almost time to “Unplug”.

This morning, as I am having my coffee in the Coach, Jagger is alerted to a hammering or knocking sound outside.  I couldn’t tell where it was coming from at first, but it turned out to be a woodpecker pecking on the Workhorse!  That doesn’t make any sense, but it seems to have found something because it has again returned for a second try.  I attempted a photo, but I am unable to get a shot as it is on the far side of the Workhorse and flew away when I went outside.  Oh there he is again, got a shot when he flew on this side of the truck.  Now he is on the roof of the Coach.  Busy little guy.  Unfortunately the photo was so insignificant I deleted it while editing 😦

New Blackout Curtains
Black Out Curtains

Black Out Curtains

Later today my Daughter is coming over to the Coach to finish a project she started.  Making blackout curtains for the Coach.  I made some makeshift ones when I was last home in Montana.  She is making some really nice ones.  These are an absolute necessity here in Arizona when the temps get over a hundred, which happened for the first time yesterday.  In the evening these can be easily removed to open the view.

Running Free

The pasture has dried out over the last few days and Jagger is back at it, running until he is exhausted.  We will miss this when we pull out for the year in a week.  It’s unlike me, but I have only made a reservation for three weeks in Georgia in July.  The rest of my trip is going to be planned as I go day by day.

Until next time, Safe travels…Gary

More Photos: Mesa, Az Return

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