White Tank Hike Emergency

Jagger and I were invited by my Daughter and her friend Leah, who was visiting from California, for a hike out to the waterfall at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.  If you remember I have been on this trail before (White Tank Hikes).  Also on the hike today were two of my grandson’s, Jagger, Jax and Stitch (both Blue Heelers).  Aiden and Seth were my photographers for the trip.

Janessa and Leah with Jax and Stitch

Janessa and Leah with Jax and Stitch

Since we had so many dogs we brought two vehicles.  Aiden rode with Jagger and I in the Workhorse.  On arrival we put on our Camelbacks and Jagger got on his backpack.  Everyone’s ready to go, so let’s take off.

We were enjoying our outing today.  The warm weather was beautiful and not too hot yet.  Many of the dogs we passed on the trail were pretty much ignored by Jagger.  Of course there were a few that got his attention as usual.  In general all the dogs were doing fine.  The boys ran ahead and then waited for us to catch up.  Watch out for snakes is always my mantra, as we hike along the trail.  Aiden and Seth went snap happy.  Aiden carried the Canon, occasionally sharing with his brother for a snap here and there.  It seems, after reviewing what they took pictures of, the Petroglyphs were the number one interest of the day.

About half way into our hike Janessa received a troubling text.  My oldest son was admitted into the ER and listed as critical.  This was such a surprise.  We had no indication he wasn’t feeling well, other than an upper respitory infection and he is only thirty nine years old.  It’s fortunate we received a text in that area as the cell reception is very spotty at best.

We then turned around and headed back to the trailhead.  On arriving we split up, still undecided on how we would travel back quickly as we were an hour away from Mesa and the hospital was in a different direction.  Once down the mountain we decided to meet up in Avondale to switch our passengers.  My daughter, Leah and the boys crammed into their vehicle with the three dogs (including Jagger).  Then I took off going straight to the hospital to be with my Son.

I won’t go into a lot of detail about his medical complications, needless to say he had a boat load.  After almost a week and numerous miracles latter, Jeff was able to return home and is well on the way to recovery.

Post script: I am so thankful everything turned out the way it did and that I was still here, delayed in Mesa, Arizona with my family.  This delay along with others actually prevented me from driving to the Gulf in Texas for the month of May.  If there, I would have been exposed to the horrendous weather front that moved through with torrential rain, hail, tornadoes and flooding that followed.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary


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    • Thanks LuAnn, I just read your last blog. I am having trouble keeping up with everyone’s blog and still having a life 😉 Great place to visit and glad to hear you are both so active. That was a lot of hiking.


    • Yes, he is doing much better. Getting back his appetite and strength. I saw him just before I left Az and he looked better than I had seen him in a while, other than way to thin! That will correct in time.


  1. I am so glad to hear that your son is doing better. Such a very scary time. I know exactly what you mean about being still in AZ. Because of medical issues we are still in Apache Junction and when I look at the weather through Colorado and Wyoming and South Dakota where we would have been, I’m glad we’re still here – heat and all.


    • Thanks for your kind words Sandie. It definitely been an unusual year for weather. Seems like it won’t stop raining in some parts. I pray your medical issues will soon be corrected so you can get on the road again. Good luck on the hot weather. My daughter is reporting triple digits in your area. At least it’s not with humidity, which I am experiencing. Thank goodness for my Coach’s AC.


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