Coach Warranty Work

Warranty Work, Again!  Orangewood RV finally received the part needed to repair my kitchen slide.  Some construction staples started to pull out and damaged the kitchen slides rubber seal.

Yesterday I prepared the Coach for our move by taking it to the local RV Dump.  Not my favorite way to spend the morning.  Then back to the Mesa camp, ready for a early morning start.

First light Jagger and I are hitching up the Coach and off to Surprise, AZ for the work to be completed.  We again have to leave our home for the day, so we go to breakfast and then our favorite dog park in Surprise.

Dog Park Surprize, AZ

Dog Park Surprize, AZ

After spending some time playing, I drove over to the laundromat to do another un-favorite chore.  At least I can get it over with while we are waiting for the repairs to be completed.  After I finished the laundry, Jagger and I went to lunch and I got a surprise call, the Coach was finished early.

Picked Up Our Home

We went back to Orangewood RV to pick our Coach (Home), then instead of driving back to Daughters in Mesa we drove to Usery Mountain Regional Park.  Leaving not only my daughter, but my Arizona family, will be hard after staying several months again.  So Jagger and I will be staying at Usery until next Monday before leaving on our Summer trip East.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

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