Off to Benson

Apache RV Resort - Homebase in Mesa, Az

Apache RV Resort – Home base in Mesa, Az

Jagger and I woke early today with excitement.  Knowing the open road was calling us to action.  Jagger can usually tell we are in for a drive, due to the routine I start every time we move.

I have mixed emotions, know I will be leaving my Arizona family for an extended time, but wanting to answer the call of the road.  Our first stop on the road east is Benson, Arizona, less than 200 miles to the Southeast.  By 10:00 A.M. everything is ready and we pull out of our site and hit the road.

This feels pretty good, huh Jagger?  Jagger seems to enjoy riding in the Workhorse.  He has the whole back seat to roam in, but usually just likes being close and sleeps often.  He is welcome to come to the front passenger seat, but seldom does and if he does it’s only for a minute to check out something on the road.  Then he returns to the back seat.  I am glad of that since it’s a safer place for him to ride.

Arriving at Benson, Arizona
Arriving in Benson - Butterfield RV Park

Arriving in Benson – Butterfield RV Park

After almost four hours we pull in the Butterfield RV Resort.  We check in and pay for a couple of nights and pull the Coach over to our new site.  The park looks pretty deserted.  All of the Snowbirds have flown the coop!  My understanding is this place is completely packed for the winter and I can understand, as the park is in immaculate shape and has all the amenities you can imagine.

When checking in, I learned they have an Observatory here that operates almost every night when the weather permits.  I need to check this out Jagger.

Let’s Do This Again
Evening Benson, Az

Evening Benson, Az

After spending a few days and nights of rest I return to the office and inquire if I could stay another night.  They said sure and I paid for an additional night and added my name to those attending the Observatory presentation that evening.

One reason for extending my stay was, I decided to go to Tombstone and check out the history rich area.  It is only thirty minutes away and a place on my Bucket List, that keeps growing.

As evening approaches, Jagger and I take one last walk around the park before I left to attend the Observatory presentation.  I met the person giving the presentation and about fifteen other astronomy enthusiasts.  Sorry I can’t remember the presenter’s name, but it was a very interesting presentation, focusing on Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Star Cluster M3 and our Moon.  I left with my head full of new information.  Some I am sure has already leaked out or I misplaced with the names.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary




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    • It seems to be worse as I age, hopefully just because I am focusing on it and not reality. As I mentioned before John, It was nice meeting you in person a few days ago. I know it was the highlight of Jaggers day!


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