The Hot Rubber Flew

Arriving in Benson - Butterfield RV Park

Arriving in Benson – Butterfield RV Park

Today Jagger and I are leaving Butterfield RV Park in Benson, Arizona after a restful three day stay where my laundry was caught up (blah), and I visited the famous city of Tombstone Arizona.

Moving Day Excitement

Moving day is usually filled with excitement of traveling to new places and always the anticipation of the “unknown”,  this day was no exception.  As we pulled out I couldn’t help but think what a pleasant place this was to stay.  We may do this again someday Jagger, especially of they continue to honor the Passport America memberships.

Unexpected Danger

Not even halfway to our next stop in Deming, New Mexico, we were traveling East on Interstate-10, when a semi truck decided to pass.  I don’t blame him at all, as I drive slow when pulling the Coach and that was about to payoff. The semi passed me on the left doing about 75 mph. When the back end of the trailer was even with the front of the Workhorse his left rear outside tire blew to pieces, literally.

Unstable wind and weather coming - Dirt devels abound

Unstable wind and weather coming – Dirt devils abound

I thought I had been shot. I look to the left while starting to apply my brakes at a steady rate.  At the same time I turn on my emergency flashers as the Workhorse and Coach strained to slow down while maintaining its trajectory. Hot rubber flew into the air and everywhere around us on the ground.  The semi saw I was stopping and proceeded across the highway to the emergency lane on the right as we passed him doing about 20 MPH.  The small amount of traffic behind us slowed and another semi, seeing a fellow traveler was in trouble, pulled in behind the semi that just had the blowout.  Jagger and I traveled on with my adrenalin pumping, now very awake!  It was another miracle as not a single piece of rubber hit the Workhorse or Coach, nor did we hit any large pieces on the highway.

Finding Home
El Lobo Ranch RV Park

El Lobo Ranch RV Park

I was glad to finally pull in at our home for the night, after about a three hour drive, which included five miles of not very well maintained roads and a two mile dirt road at the end.  The place we were looking for was El Rancho Lobo RV Park.  It was on a small ranch in some pretty desolate part of town, actually not even close to town.

Once here a very friendly man greeted me and guided me to the site where I would be hooking up the Coach utilities.  It turn out he was the owner of the small ranch.

I slept great the first night.  It’s very quiet out here, that is until about 4:00 am when the wind kicked up and started rocking the Coach.

I got up about 5:00 am feeling like I was on a ship dockside.  Looking at the travel weather for today it looks like Jagger and I will spend another night here.  The wind is predicted to continue with 25 MPH gusts until well into the late afternoon.  I don’t mind staying here either as it’s very relaxing and the few campers here are pleasant.  Also they have some interesting life stories.

Until next time, safe travels…Gary

More Photos: Deming, New Mexico

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  1. Happy that you were not hurt by the semi blowing a tire. I enjoy your posts. Keep having fun and keep safe.


  2. A semi blowing a tire can definitely be an “awakening” moment!! Luckily you were going slower than he was and was able to escape the shards of flying rubber……drive safe out there!


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