Route 66 – Tucumcari

El Rancho Lobo Park Deming NM

El Rancho Lobo Park Deming NM

Jagger and I woke to a cool, wind free morning.  This after staying an extra day at El Rancho Lobo, due to the forecasted high winds yesterday.  I immediately started packing for our drive East to Kiva RV Park in Bernardo, New Mexico for an overnight stay. We are now making some decent time east, traveling through a few states that I have explored previously or will on trips in the future.  As we are packing up the Coach, our Host arrived to settle up our charges for the stay.  We stayed here using our Passport America membership for $15 per night, plus electricity.

Demming New Mexico

Deming New Mexico

As we leave the ranch we pass through several miles of either dirt or paved roads needing some tender loving care and head east.  Our drive is the kind I enjoy; good weather, beautiful scenery and uneventful.

Google Strikes Again

Arriving in Bernardo, Google Maps was very confused and therefore so was I.  Pulling a 32′ rig, let alone the additional size of my of my Workhorse, turning around is not always an option.  As the Google electronic voice rattles off confusing instructions, I try to follow faithfully.  I make the turns of no return. Despite having to delay our arrival, the countryside is unique and beautiful in itself.  Several suggested turns by Google appears to be dirt drives to someone’s property.  I ignore these.  Jagger and I ended up taking a half hour detour through the countryside to arrive at our starting point.  We go under the freeway, travel a quarter mile, at most, to our destination 😦

This makes the second camp recently, that was more than difficult to find.  It’s undeniable, I need to pay more attention to the maps and turns I choose before I leave camp each time!

Kiva RV Park was a nice enough RV Park for overnight, but probably not long term for me. Again price was right since I used Passport America, $15 with full hookups.  This would be a great park if you are bringing your horse along as they have those facilities also.

My goal is to keep us moving east to Arkansas before doing much exploring, so I eat a quick breakfast and then begin hitching up the Coach to the Workhorse.  Ready to go Jagger?  We move out to our next stop; Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Route 66

Abandoned Motel

Abandoned Motel

It’s sad to see how run down Route 66 is in certain areas. I have a few memories of traveling when I was a young boy, then Route 66 was in it’s hay day. Now there are many buildings empty and in disrepair, but Jagger and I were on a mission to find Cactus RV Park.

When I pulled up I thought what the heck?  I found it using my Passport America membership again only $15 a night with full hookups.  It had mixed reviews, but the price was right for overnight.  It’s one of those places that at first glance you would say no way, but after a closer look it was quite unique.  In fact after staying here I discovered it was on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Built on the property of the old Cactus Motor Lodge originally built in 1941, with history from the “Route 66” hay day.   I may have stayed here as a youngster on several trips east.

The RV Park had what looked to be new electric pedestals providing electric service for the RV’s and a level gravel drive and site.  Somewhat close sites, but minimal privacy with small trees and shrubs.  Some of the RV Park was built in what used to be the “Motor Lodge’s” parking lot.

Since the park was large, they spread those of us that were staying here out over the property, which included spaces behind the old buildings.  The only unexplainable “weird” thing was the office, but I only had to go in there once and I came out alive and no missing appendages.  Seriously exaggerating a little.  The desk clerk was pleasant.  It’s my understanding at one time the side buildings, including the office were a dance hall built in later years,

Morning Heading East

Again we just spent one night at Cactus RV Park.  Early this morning Jagger and I go for a walk, which amounts to a walk around town, seeing the old property’s up close that were for the most part in disrepair.  It is like visiting a ghost town making in the process.  I will return here one day to check out other parts of town, including the old railroad depot and yard.  On our return to the camp, we once again hitch up the Workhorse and ride off into the sunrise east through Texas “panhandle” to Texola, Oklahoma.

Our path is now final.  We are on our way to Arkansas and Tennessee, eventually Georgia and South Carolina.  This represents a change in my original plans for us.  I wanted to see the Gulf, but it’s not in the cards due to the bad weather we have watched unfold in Texas this year.  I will save it for another year of exploration.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Tucumcari, New Mexico


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