Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame

Travel Journal – June 19, 2015
The Jump

The Jump

I have to share this, Jagger has a new dance. I call it the squirrel dance. Today on our morning walk around camp and the forest, I noticed his very focused attention up in the trees, so I stopped to let him check it out. He sits there for a minute and then most unexpectedly starts jumping straight up and down, trying to reach the squirrel who was a good twenty feet above us. Jagger you’re silly. He will do anything to find a new playmate. I wish I could have taken a picture to share, but it all happened so quickly. Here is one of him jumping that I took another time 🙂 We continued our walk around and back to the Coach.

There is Company Coming

It was Wednesday afternoon when there was a knock at the door. Surprise, it was John, a fellow traveler who stopped by for a visit. John and I had been communicating with each other as I traveled east and planned on meeting up when I arrived near Nashville. John had never met Jagger or experienced his exuberance when people come to visit. Jagger definitely needs to continue working on his manners. He just gets so excited and wants to jump up on visitors to say hi instead of keeping his four paws on the ground. We had a nice visit with John and made plans to meet for lunch at Cracker Barrel the following day.

On Thursday, I left Jagger in the coach and met John for lunch, having another nice visit and great meal. John’s visit was definitely one of the highlights of Jagger and my experiences here in Tennessee. It’s always nice to visit with a friend. Especially when traveling in unexplored areas away from my family.


Friday I’m up early. It’s a nice day for exploring, but I tell Jagger he can’t go today as I’m visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. I leave Jagger to take care of the Coach and I travel about 30 or 40 minutes to Nashville. On arriving I see some of the same blight in the big cities that I have experienced for the past few states. I guess I am not a fan of the big cities. There is a lot of building going on, so at least it’s improving. I park at a questionable lot about two or three blocks from the Nashville Music Hall of Fame and since I am early there aren’t many people on the streets walking to the facility.



Building Construction Downtown Nashville

Building Construction Downtown Nashville

I purchased my tickets online and I might suggest that for those who plan to attend here at sometime in the future.

I was greeted when I walked in the door by a nice gentleman and questioned him on where I just parked. He said that was one of the safer areas to park. I felt a little better. Why didn’t I think about my bike in the bed of my truck I don’t know 😦 He also told me to skip the short line and go to the elevator to start the tour.

As a side note when I left the line was out the door, hence my suggestion about buying your tickets online.

Country Music Hall of Fame Entrance

Country Music Hall of Fame Entrance

The facility is absolutely beautiful and well maintained. Staffed with very friendly and helpful employees. I spent probably a good couple of hours wandering around. It seems to be very well organised also. There is just so much to see it’s a little overwhelming. I took many pictures, but I am only sharing a sample here on my blog. I have a few more posted in the “Retired Vagabond Photo Gallery“, click the link below next to “More Photos” to be sent directly to the Country Music Hall of Fame album.

Studio B

I upgraded my ticket online to visit “Studio B”. A short bus ride right from the Country Music Hall of Fame takes you to the studio that was originally started for Elvis Presley and many other artists.

There is a lot of history for this very small studio, but it is my favorite spot of the day. Our tour guide was a wealth of knowledge. As a young man he actually worked in the studio and experienced the history in the making.

I spoke to him after the tour. “Do you remember a young bodyguard named Jerry?”, I asked during our conversation. He thinks a moment. “Yes, I thought that name sounded familiar”. Jerry and his brother were acquaintances from my high school days. Jerry went on to be a bodyguard for Elvis at some point. I don’t know how long he continued doing that as we lost touch, but he had some nice things to say about Elvis. He was a very sincere person. He even gave Jerry a big honkin’ ring that he showed me. I enjoyed Elvis’ music over the years. He was a great entertainer. It was sad to see him deteriorate in his later years and his tragic early death.

Leaving Tennessee

Jagger and I had a nice quiet weekend at the park. Going on walks and a short drive to experience the area around Cedars of Lebanon State Park.  Today we prepare for our move to Northern Georgia in the morning.

During our short two week visit in Tennessee we had some interesting experiences, saw beautiful forests, rivers , swamps, fireflies, and my first visit to the Mississippi. Had some not so nice adventures including the destroyed tire and the awful chigger attack in Memphis last Sunday.

In all the Tennessee “drive by” had some interesting and fun times. I really enjoy traveling full time in my fifth wheel home. Still I find myself traveling too fast. There is just so much to experience, but I only have four months before I need to turn back to the west. I don’t want to experience the snow and ice on the road while pulling my Coach.

Until next time, Safe Travels … Gary

More Photos: Nashville Visit

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  1. Jagger is such a sweet boy, his jumping did not bother me in the least….he was just happy to see somebody new!! He still has a lot of puppy in him I suspect. He will get better with age. Glad you enjoyed yourself in Nashville!


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